Survivor 2017: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 11/01/2017

Survivor 2017 results & episode spoilers

Jeff Probst was ready to snuff another torch last night on Survivor as the three tribes of Season 35 competed again for the chance at luxury in the form of pizza and safety from another elimination vote. We’ve got our recap of last night’s show below so read on to find out who was voted off.

Only thirteen castaways remain as we and head in to the Day 15 on the beaches of Fiji we’ve got the Blue and Yellow tribes down a player while Red still holds its five from the first Shuffle of the season. Will we be back to a dramatic Blue tribe standoff or is it Red’s turn around the fire?

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Survivor 2017 Week 6: Reward Challenge

Castaways are playing for a stack of TEN pizzas. So much food for so few players, but your second option isn’t too good in comparison with just one pizza among the entire tribe. Third place? Nothing at all. I guess one pizza split between up to five players is better than nothing, but not by much.

On the Red tribe they’ll be sitting out Mike while everyone else will be playing. They’ll use two poles to carry a buoy down the beach, release their boat, get out to a platform, and slingshot down two targets.

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Team Yellow is the first tribe through the buoy phase after the other tribes have a few dips and drops along the way. Red is finally through while Blue drops for a third time. Ouch.

Red and Yellow are tied on the boat race to the platform after Chrissy failed to untie all the knots. Blue is way behind in the process as they finally got their buoy across the teetering balance beams.

Blue actually manages to catch up as the tribes are trying to figure out the range of their slingshots. Now both Yellow and Red have one of their two targets down… Yellow wins Reward! Red wins 2nd place Reward! Blue goes back empty handed.

Survivor 2017 Week 6: Hidden Immunity

Joe is back in the game after he finds a clue to the next Immunity Idol back at the Blue camp. Remember that other one he dug up by the well at his previous camp? Well shocker, but this one is also buried at the well. Wildly creative, production…

After finding a clue during the day Joe goes back at night and sure enough he digs up the Immunity Idol. Joes decides he’ll keep this Idol secret and will be ready for the next threat to his game.

Survivor 2017 Week 6: Immunity Challenge

Immunity is back up for grabs and this won’t be easy. Teams of four compete and that means Yellow sits out someone other than Mike. It’ll be Lauren on the sidelines for this challenge.

In the comp the castaways will have to work together to balance a platform while each taking turns to work their way to the middle and stack their blocks with letters spelling out “Immunity.” Last place team heads to Tribal Council.

Gallery: Immunity Challenge in Week 6

Tribes are finding their balance here as Yellow lets their tower tumble then there goes Blue when they were nearly done… wait, there goes Yellow again. Yikes. Wow, Red is down to just one block left and it’s all up to Cole… no! He had to just back up and would have won but the tower drops.

Blue now has the lead with Yellow just behind them. Red is doing their best to catch up, but they’re way behind. Wait, we’ve got Yellow and Blue all tied up. This is pretty exciting! It’s so close for all of them! They’re all tied with all their blocks in place…

Red wins Immunity! Blue wins Immunity! Yellow is about to have a second straight Tribal Council visit.

Survivor 2017 Week 6: Tribal Council

Someone is about to be voted off so grab some fire and let’s gather round to see who goes next. Heading in to the TC the top targets appear to be JP and Ali. Ryan is trying to decide if he should keep Ali around after their blow up and get out the bigger target in JP.

Jeff reveals the votes: Ali, JP, Ali, Ali

Ali Elliott was voted off Survivor this week!

Next week: Merge! Yep, it’s finally happening and none too soon for the Blue tribe. Time to scramble for the votes and allies!

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