Survivor 2017 Finale: Season 35 Winner Revealed 12/20/2017

Castaways on Survivor 2017 finale with Jeff Probst

We’re ready for the final results of the Survivor 2017 season as Jeff will reveal who won Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers, but before we get to the final vote we’ve got a few more castaways to vote off. The show will run longer than usual tonight as the finale event lasts from 8/7c until around 11/10c so settle in for our live recap and results coverage right here.

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Before we get to the first challenge it’s time for Ben to go hunting for the next Immunity Idol. Well guess what, yep, Ben found the next Idol under the raft. He’s just secured his spot in the F4. There are simply too many Idols in this game.

Survivor 2017 Finale: Immunity Challenge – Round 1

Immunity is back up for grabs. The castaways return to the water with a series of obstacles and a puzzle to wrap it all up. Winner of this round will secure a spot in the F4.

Chrissy wins Immunity & Reward!

Chrissy won the reward of “comfort food” and can pick two people to join her: Mike & Devon.

Survivor 2017 Finale: Tribal Council – Round 1

Who will fall short of the F4? Ben and Mike are the obvious outsiders, but this group has been taking a lot of shots at their own in the last few weeks.

Ben plays his real Idol while Chrissy’s fake Idol is obviously useless.

Jeff reads the votes: Devon, Mike Tied!

Re-vote: Mike, Devon, Mike

Mike Zahalsky was voted off Survivor!

Survivor 2017 Finale: Immunity Challenge – Round 2

Immunity is back up for grabs and this will secure both a spot in the F3 and supposedly a twist that gives them the choice on who else will join them there. That last spot will go to another challenge or decision.

This is a massive headache of a challenge! Castaways have to set blocks that spell out HEROES HEALERS HUSTLERS without knocking any of them over in the process. It’s wildly difficult as they keep knocking themselves out of the running. Ben almost has it but had one letter upside down and spills all the blocks. They all keep doing it. It’s a huge mess!

Chrissy wins Immunity!

Chrissy ties the record for the most Immunity Idols won by a woman in a single season. She also wins an advantage, the last secret of the game. Chrissy learns about the twist here. She gets to pick one person to join her in the F3. The other 2 castaways will face off in a fire-making challenge.

Chrissy decides she’ll take Ryan since she thinks Devon has a better chance at beating Ben in the challenge. Remember we saw Devon making fire earlier? It’s not a bad strategy.

Survivor 2017 Finale: Tribal Council – Round 2

Time to settle our F3 for S35. Who will be knocked out and who will stand in front of the jury for the million dollar decision?

Chrissy picks Ryan to join her in the F3 per her advantage. She reveals the details to the tribe and jury before making her decision official. Now it’s time for Devon and Ben to battle it out over who can make fire first to lift their flag. Well this certainly is more exciting than usual!

Ben gets the first flames going and starts to build it while Devon starts to pick up his pace but he still lacks a spark. Ben is building his fire quickly! Here it goes!

Ben wins the challenge! Devon Pinto is eliminated.

Did you like that twist? Jeff announces back in the studio that it’ll be a repeating part of the game now so watch out for it again next season.

Now with the F3 settled they’ll need to prepare for a potentially brutal Q&A with the jury members.

Survivor 2017 Finale: Winner Revealed

Jeff reads the votes: Ben, Ryan, Chrissy, Chrissy, Ben, Ben, Ben

Ben Driebergen wins Survivor!

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