Survivor 2017: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 11/29/2017

Survivor 2017 results & episode spoilers

It was a busy evening as we waited to find out who was voted off Survivor last night in the double feature of Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers. We’re down to nine castaways with an alliance of seven holding the control over who goes next. Well, unless they decide to break up and take out one of their own next instead.

We ran through twice the regular routine here last night so get ready for two reward comps, two immunity challenges, and yes, of course, two Tribal Council votes.

Survivor 2017 Week 10: Reward Challenge – Round 1

Sticking with the foot theme of the evening we’ve got the castaways working sans hands and setting up a pillar of blocks using on their feet. First to finish wins a trip for an aerial tour along with a cookout.

Lauren wins Reward!

Jeff lets Lauren pick someone to bring along… Devon gets a spot. And another… Ben. One last seat… Ashley.

Survivor 2017 Week 10: Hidden Idol

Ben found a rock with an ‘X’ with a map buried beneath it which lead him to a clay pot stuck in a palm tree. Sure enough in that clay pot is a new Hidden Idol. Ben says he won’t be telling anyone about this find.

Survivor 2017 Week 10: Immunity Challenge – Round 1

Castaways will be perched on a floating platform angled like a roofline here. Last one standing wins safety at Tribal Council. I’ll be interested to see if anyone gets to wear special feet hugging shoes here like we saw the other year in a completely unfair advantage.

Jeff offers a temptation. Castaways can abstain from the comp with no chance to win safety but instead be guaranteed chocolate and peanut butter. Devon, Ben, & Lauren all accept this temptation. Are you kidding me? Those piggies just ate a huge meal and they also took a reward temptation? Good grief.

Ashley wins Immunity!

Survivor 2017 Week 10: Tribal Council – Round 1

Someone is about to be voted out so grab some fire and find a seat.

Jeff reads the votes: Mike, Joe, Mike, Mike, JP, JP, JP, JP, JP… Blindside!

JP Hilsabeck was voted off Survivor!

Now on to the second round of events for this week’s double feature for Season 35.

Survivor 2017 Week 10: Reward Challenge – Round 2

We’re closing in here on a long run at that camp so any reward is a huge boost for the castaways. The luxury this week is a Survivor Spa complete with massages, a shower, and lots of food.

Teams have to work a boat in to shore while collecting bags of blocks along the way. Once they reach the beach they’ll have to do a special dance, no wait, a puzzle, yeah.

Red team: Lauren, Ryan, Mike, & Chrissy
Blue team: Ben, Joe, Ashley, & Devon

Blue team wins Reward!

Survivor 2017 Week 10: Immunity Challenge – Round 2

Immunity is back up for grabs here as the remaining eight castaways all want to make sure they’re not the next one to be blindsided. Players have to work a wheelbarrow, of sorts, holding a pot with a key to the other side of the obstacle course. From there they have to do a special dance, no no no, that’s still not right. They have to complete a puzzle that spells out: invulnerable.

Chrissy wins Immunity!

Survivor 2017 Week 10: Tribal Council – Round 2

Another round of votes will send home a second castaway.

Ryan plays his Idol. Any votes against Ryan will be voided.

Jeff reads the votes: Ryan, Ryan, Ashley, Ashley, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe

Joe Mena was voted off Survivor!

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