CBS is set to debut Survivor 2018 in late February for its 36th season and with so much history in the books they’re taking a look back through its pages at some of the series’ greatest mistakes in Survivor Ghost Island.

Survivor 2018's Ghost Island S36

Survivor returns after just a two-month rest with its latest season and we’re ready for the all-new cast featuring a lot of twists and turns that sunk past castaways. The season was filmed again in Fiji, a location Jeff Probst has expressed a lot of love for, and is now the host of five seasons filmed.

Survivor 2018 S36 Bootlist:

  1. Episode 1: Stephanie Gonzalez
  2. Episode 1: Jacob Derwin
  3. Episode 2: Morgan Rickle
  4. Episode 3: Brendan Shapiro
  5. Episode 4: Stephanie Johnson
  6. Episode 5: James Lim
  7. Episode 6: Bradley Kleihege
  8. Episode 7: Chris Noble
  9. Episode 8: Libby Vincek
  10. Episode 9: Desiree Afuye
  11. Episode 10: Kellyn Bechtold
  12. Episode 11: Michael Yerger
  13. Episode 12: Chelsea Townsend
  14. Episode 13: Kellyn Bechtold

Survivor 2018 Cast:

CBS released the details on an all new Survivor cast for this next season which is great after that initial moment of expecting old players to go along with the old twists. Twenty new castaways will head to Fiji for this next season, which actually finished filming last summer, where they’ll face plenty of twists from former seasons.

Survivor 2018 castaways

Survivor 2018 Schedule:

Ghost Island starts Wednesday, February 28, 2018 on CBS for the launch of the new season. We should expect to see a thirteen week run as is typical which takes us out to May 2018 for the season finale.

We can safely expect once a week 1-hour episodes each Wednesday night on CBS and CBS All Access and we’ll be ready for it all to come our way! Be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our Email Updates for more of what’s next.

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