Survivor spoilers are back for Season 34 with the new Survivor cast of 2017 being leaked thanks to the series’s early filming schedule and especially with the inclusion of returning players who are already well on the radar for fans on the lookout.

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor

Jeff Probst hosts Survivor – Source: CBS

Leaks of Survivor spoilers have been around for CBS’s series since its first season and while those spoilers have had interesting stories of their own along the way the trend seems to just keep going. Many seasons of Survivor have offered advanced cast lists and some have even delivered on boot lists, but it’s been awhile on the latter. Whatever we find this year we’ll keep passing along for those who can’t wait to see whose torch gets snuffed next.

Survivor Cast Spoilers:

While we awaited the Survivor 2017 premiere on March 8th (8/7c) there was already a full list of who we should be expecting on the beaches of “Game Changers” along with the list of names previously confirmed during the previous season finale.

CBS had initially made it official for the return of Michaela Bradshaw, Ciera Eastin, Ozzy Lusth, Caleb Reynolds, Sanda Diaz-Twine, Cirie Fields, Tai Trang, Tony Vlachos before releasing the rest of the cast which ended up matching the spoilers list. You can see the 2017 cast list with all the Season 34 castaways and details.

More Survivor Spoilers:

No details yet on who won this upcoming season or even who has made it to the end, but there’s a bunch of folks who do know those details with the final Tribal Council and its vote sealed away waiting for the next season finale this May.

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