Survivor Samoa Episode 13: Damage Control

Survivor Samoa Day 30:  Russell is on cruise control and sitting on his throne letting everyone come up to him and tell him what is going on.  After the last tribal council he does “damage control” with Sham and lies to her and tells her John was coming after her.  When will his madness end?  In my opinion, he didn’t have a choice but to lie to her to keep her in the foa’s good graces.  What else could he do?  The foa’s have to have the majority to stay alive in the game.

Jaison, Brett and Monica are all laying out on the beach when Jaison completely throws Russ under the bus.  He lets Russ take all the blame for getting rid of the former galus which was smart but then tells them that Russ made 2 million dollars last year, that makes Jaison a traitor in my opinion.  They then discuss Russ being the biggest threat in the game.  If you think so Jaison then make a move and quit hiding behind him.

First immunity challenge

Survivor Bowling Tournament:  3 rounds – The castaways are put into teams of two and whomever knocks down the most pins in two shots moves on to the next round.  First round:  Sham knocks out Natalie;  Russ knocks out Brett; Jaison knocks out Monica; and Dave with our only strike knocks out Mick.  Second round:  Sham beats Russ; Jaison beats Dave.  Final round – Jaison wins immunity for the second time and gives us a BIG smile!!

First Tribal Council

At tribal council John is all smiles and looking extra good after getting all cleaned up for us.  After voting, Danger Dave Ball becomes the fifth member of our jury.  I felt sorry for him because he did play his heart out and Russ made him think they were voting out Sham.  The shock for me was seeing that Monica and Brett also voted for his eviction.  I thought they would stand by him.  I guess everyone really is doing what Russell says.

 Second Immunity Challenge

The bean bag catapult:  the contestants race in the ocean where they untie one of their 3 bags which they take back and place on a piece of wood and jump on a plank to shoot the bag into a basket.  Brett gets his in first followed by Mick and Russell and so it goes until Brett wins immunity.  A good thing for him because he would have been gone had he not won.  Russ felt he was a threat because he is such a nice guy and would get all the votes from the jury. 

When they get back to camp, Monica tries to stir the pot with Russell.  She tells him that Jaison blew his cover on what he does for a living and that he has the idol.  Russ gets pissed and goes berserk.  Monica should have known better after watching Russell work it since the merge.  For a moment it does look like Mick and Jaison are considering it.

Second Tribal Council

Things get good and heated during the council meeting.  Russell pulls out the immunity idol in front of everyone and puts it around his neck.  Sham tells Jeff that Russ got his feathers ruffled by Monica and Russ says that had he and Monica been on the same team, they would have been a force to be reckoned with.  The best part of the whole episode for me was when Russ was writing down Monica’s name and said “stupid, stupid little girl, bad strategy.”  I about fell off the couch.  That was funny.  Monica was just a little too big for her britches for my taste and I did not care for her better than thou attitude.  She made the mistake for going after Russell and she becomes the 6th member of the jury.

A really good episode tonight.  I’m looking forward to next week.  What did yall think?


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