I have been waiting for this episode…I wanted to get better acquainted with Galu, and now that I have, I find it hard to believe that these are the same people that won immunity 3 weeks in a row.  I am not impressed, but I must say that there were some memorable moments for both tribes this week…Erik finding the immunity idol, the chicken flying the coop, and the best, of course, is FOA FOA winning their first immunity challenge!!!

Foa Foa wk 4 II

Foa Foa had the reward challenge in the bag, but Dave “humbly” pulled out the win for Galu with his final throw…So once again, Mick’s tribe returned to camp empty handed, and Galu returned to camp with a chicken coop and three chickens.  Meanwhile, Erik was diligent in his quest to find the hidden immunity idol, and now it’s his.  Yasmin, why didn’t you think of that?  You had to know that Shambo had an additional clue…Oh yea! You were trying to take a nap. As I type this, I am still shaking my head in disbelief…

What the heck was Shambo thinking?  I said it several times before, and I’ll say it again…This woman is self-destructive, her own nightmare in this game.  It kills me how she seems so clueless about the idiotic things she does…Umm like giving Erik and John the clues for the hidden immunity idol.  Hey Shambo, did you hear the logic?  Better yet, did you hear Erik say that he’d give it to you if you “needed” it?  This should be your idol, and I hate to break it to you, but you need it!!!  Why wasn’t your butt looking for it in the first place? John was just as bad…It may have just been editing, but IMO, John showed a lack of competitive drive when he “laid” there, watched Erik look for it, and then, had the audacity to turn over and keep resting!!  What the @#*%!!  If that were me, I would have been right on his tail, riding it if I had to!  All I can say is, “It really doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist”…LOL!

Damn Erik…Did that hurt?

Erik clipped by the clothes lineErik clipped by the clothes line IIErik clipped by the clothes line III

Has anyone else noticed that this has turned from the BRussell Show to the Shambo Show?  Erik finds the hidden idol and gets clipped by a clothesline, yet he got a fraction of her camera time…And who left Shambo alone with the chickens?  I guess she got excited about becoming one with live poultry, and she let one out.  You must have speed and quick reflexes to catch a chicken, which she clearly lacks, and apparently, Shambo didn’t know that they could fly…That didn’t faze me nearly as much as her taking credit for “producing” an egg.  What? Girrrl, PLEASE! The woman has proven to be a liability when it comes to feeding the tribe, and I really appreciate Erik’s patience when dealing with her.  I like this guy!!

Yasmin wk 4If Foa Foa had to lose, it was best to lose the reward and walk away with immunity.  What a huge morale booster, and as much as I would like to discuss their morale, Jaison’s in particular, I want this blog to focus more on Galu.  I don’t know what was more shocking…GRussell’s “King” like attitude or the tribe’s reaction to his demands …Where did that come from?  I thought he was the nice guy!  He has made some questionable decisions, and if he’s not careful, he’ll be one of the next to go.  I’ve got to agree with him though…I’ll take a strong competitor over “cutesy” any day in the game of Survivor.  In the end, Galu determined that Yasmin’s lack of contribution at camp outweighed Shambo’s eccentricities and Monica’s poor performance, and Yasmin was voted out.  Yeah!! Bye Bye Yas…At least you were dressed for the occasion!!

Will Foa Foa win immunity next week?  Who will Galu send home next?  Who should BRussell align with in his mission for final two… Jaison or Natalie?


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