Survivor 2010: Episode 12 “A Sinking Ship”



  • Sensing that he is in danger, a hero makes a bold move to save himself by fooling the entire tribe.
  • Meanwhile, a vicious power struggle emerges in one alliance and two of the strongest villains find themselves pitted against one another
  • The hunt is back on for another idol and we will find out if the king of idols will find it yet again.  Surely his luck is about to run out in that regard but this is Russell so you can’t ever tell.  Blackwhale said Russ plays an idol at Candice’s boot so if this is correct, he has to find it during this episode.

    We have two immunity challenges and two eliminations this week so a lot to get to in only an hour.  Our first challenge is When It Rains, It Pours.  Survivors are chained with their arms up in the air to a water bucket; if they lower their arms the bucket tilts and pours down on their head.  Players can choose to eat and not participate in this competition.  Blackwhale has this to say:  “At the top 8, with the Heroes down at a 5-3 deficit, the offer is made, as it has been in a few seasons, to either feast or compete for immunity. Candice, feeling assured by her deal with Russell, chooses to eat! The Villain girls, who are already suspicious of Russell’s connection with Candice, become upset when Candice flagrantly sits out of the challenge. After Parvati wins immunity at the top 8, she again asserts her authority over Russell and has the girls’ backing to eliminate Candice before Rupert. Though Candice may not have been able to defeat Parvati in the challenge, she still made a critical error in showing her hand and helping to get the wheels in the girls’ heads spinning.”  Supposedly Parvati will win this challenge.

    episode 12 challenge 2

    Here is Candice, so does she choose to eat after she is hanging up there or are the spoilers wrong?  Missyae says Candice is the next to go so at least that spoiler is correct.

    The next immunity challenge is a multi staged obsticle course.  In the vidcaps by Survivor Phoenix, we see running, digging and a table maze.

    episode 12 challenge

    episode 12 challenge 5episode 12 challenge 3

    According to blackwhale, it comes down to Parvati, Rupert and Russell with Parvati the winner.  At tribal council we know Danielle is the next to go, here is what blackwhale had to say:  “Danielle is especially upset because not long before her boot, Sandra tried to recruit her to vote with Rupert and Colby to take out Russell. Danielle declines the opportunity and is subsequently betrayed by Russell. Russell doesn’t like how she’s drifting away from him. She was drifting away to an extent but was still loyal. But she made herself look shady and gave him an excuse to vote her out. Danielle didn’t reconcile the perception of her gameplay with her actual gameplay too well. Since she LOOKED like she was drifting away, she should have just actually done it and possibly made it to the end. 

    It was Russell’s definingly stupid move to get rid of Danielle. There was no reason to do it. She absolutely never would have had a chance at a single vote from the jury. Danielle’s boot is the key turning point that loses the game for Parvati and wins it for Sandra. Unfortunately for Parvati, she had no control over it and simply had an unstable ally . While Sandra did not vote against Danielle, she helped get the wheels spinning in Russell’s head and planted the seeds of doubt. I think the final 7 was the critical point where Sandra knew something had to be done to get a spot within the villains inner circle. Jerri felt the same way and was never comfortable with the other women that Russell was associated with, so she jumped on. Parvati’s primary interest was to maintain the status quo because it would have worked very well for her at the end game. It’s part of the reason she gets rid of Amanda, to eliminate any illusions that she’s interested in something else. It’s also why she’s insistent on getting rid of Candice, she wants to cut Russell off at the knees.”  Blackwhale hints that this is the turning point for Rupert because he now looks at Russell as his saviour.  More on that next episode.  Apparently Sandra will put a bug in Russ’s ear that Danielle and Parvati are too powerful of a duo and Danielle is thinking of betraying him.  She also makes a point to tell Russ that Parvati has shown him he is not in charge.  Sounds like Sandra is about to show some good gameplay.  This boot is the final piece that throws Parvati and Sandra together. 
    It’s going to be good.  Can’t wait until Thursday night! 



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