Survivor 2010: Episode 4 Recap

Man, what a GREAT episode of Survivor 2010: Heroes vs. Villains!  Finally, we saw some people make bold moves and play the game!

Jeanne, don’t get mad but your man Coach was a bit of a crybaby tonight.  I get that he’s sensitive but it was SANDRA!  All she does is run her mouth at people.  He should have called her out instead of acting like a wuss.  And what was Coach whining to Rob about?  Because he wants them to bond?  How about start helping Rob build a decent shelter and maybe the bonding can begin.  Rob tells him to “pick his head up and act like a man.”  Priceless.

Tree Mail arrives and both tribes receive the coveted Sears Catalog and can choose which reward they want to play for.

Reward Challenge is the slip n slide challenge and a member from each tribe race and slide to a numbered ball that Jeff randomly picks.  The first person to grab their ball and ring the basket wins a point.  The first tribe to four points wins reward.  Coach, Russ and Jerri score for the villains and Candice, James and Rupert score for the heroes.  It all comes down to Tyson and Colby.  After each guy shoots several times and misses the basket, Tyson finally scores and Villains win reward.  They played for a box of craftman tools so they could hopefully build a better shelter.

Back at camp, the dragonslayer is once again feeling top notch and while Russ is looking through the tools, a clue to the hidden immunity idol falls out of a knife case.  Rob reads it to the tribe and Sandra, once again running her mouth says whomever finds it will be marked.  I mean are you not suppose to look for the idol??  Russ goes for a “walk” while the other guys make a tent for their shelter and of course Russ is looking for the idol.  The thing I don’t get is why everyone got mad because he was out there?  Why aren’t they all looking for the idol?  Now they want to get rid of Russ because he is taking the iniative?  What is wrong with the Villains tribe this season?? 

Back at the Heroe’s camp, Tom finds the clue in the coffee beans and JT reads it out to everyone.  The heroes immediately start looking for the idol.  Everyone is scrambling but Tom finds it and tries to hide it in his sock but Amanda sees him and of course tells everyone. 

Immunity Challenge is from Samoa and is Roll With It.  This is where Russell Swan fell out and was taken out of the game for medical reasons.  Rob absolutely won this game for the villains.  He guided all his blindfolded tribe mates in an organized way and they all held it together and worked as a team and won immunity.

The heroes pretty much had it planned to force a tie between Tom and Colby but Tom wasn’t going down without a fight and searched out JT and Amanda to make a deal.  They had a great plan to get rid of Candice until Cirie screwed things up.  Why take out your strongest players right now when you need to win the challenges?  They shouldn’t even be forming alliances yet.  Cirie went off about Tom and had the plan changed back to taking out either Tom or Colby.  Thank God JT saw the foolishness of this idea and made his own deal with Tom and Colby.  Even though I knew the outcome of this episode, I was really nervous for Colby.  I didn’t want the spoilers to be wrong and him leave.  I’m starting to really like those two guys because they are the under dogs but they still go for it and have great attitudes.  

I was happy to see Cirie voted out at Tribal Council after the way she acted tonight.  Do yall think the Heroes made the right choice?  I’m going to say even though I was happy with the Cirie blindside, they should have stuck to the original plan and voted out Candice.


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