Survivor 2010: Episode 5 Recap

I’m really disgusted and pissed off right now from this episode of Survivor 2010.  The Hero’s tribe are a bunch of idiots.  They say they want to win challenges?  I think not.  All they care about is their precious alliance of Rupert, James, Amanda and JT.   Why get rid of Tom when you can vote out Candice?  Makes no sense whatsoever.

The episode starts out with JT trying to clear the air with his alliance and letting everyone know he voted out Cirie for the team and not for himself.  Whatever JT.  No one is buying that crap.  Can we switch the names of the tribes?  Because the Heroes are not acting heroic at all.

Over at the Villain’s camp Coach is leading everyone in a round of dragon slayer chi.  Everyone that is except Russell.  And where is he?  Why off finding the immunity idol of course.  You got to hand it to Russ, he searched for three days and never gave up til he had it in his hands. 

Our Reward Challenge is Schmergenbrawl and the actual reward is a chocolate feast.  Did anyone else have to go get some chocolate while they were watching this?  Thank God, my son had to have some little debbie snack cakes at Wal Mart today.

Jeff has a plate with little pieces of chocolate on it to wet everyone’s appetite and the villains are appreciative but the heroes won’t eat it.  In fact, Colby gets a little rude with Jeff saying they are focused and want to play.  Jeff fires back with “I got the message brother, we’ll go when I’m ready.”  Rupert informs Jeff they don’t care about the reward; they only want to win the challenge.  Yeah Rupert, none of us are that stupid ok? 

For the challenge, three members of each tribe race in a pit to grab balls to throw to three other teammates on platforms so they can try to ring a basket.  The first team to hit 2 baskets wins reward.  James goes down quickly and medical comes in and takes him out of the challenge so the heroes are down one person.  Colby was sitting out for the heroes so I’m wondering why they didn’t let him come in but I don’t guess it would have helped that much. 

Amanda scored the first point for the heroes and then Rupert slams Jerri’s face into a pole.  Did he really just do that?  What the hell is wrong with him?  He tried to say he didn’t mean to but I watched it more than once and he absolutely did.  What a jerk!  So sick of him this season.  Jerri comes back and scores the final point for the villains and they win the reward.

The Villains traipse off to a nice picnic of anything chocolate you can think of including milk and get to swim in some kind of beautiful cove.  That really made me want to take a trip to Samoa.  It is a beautiful country.  This is where Russ has to run his mouth and blab to Parvati and Coach he found the idol.  In reality it was probably a smart move for him to tell Coach because Coach is so loyal that he will look at this as some kind of male bonding thing and he will not let Russ down after this.  

The heroes are down and out thinking James isn’t coming back to camp.  Amanda is crying and it is all pretty pathetic.  But low and behold he comes hobbling back and Amanda races to him and throws her arms around him.  Get a grip sweetheart.

We have now come to the Immunity Challenge.  One person is the caller and everyone else is blindfolded and paired up and the callers direct the pairs to 10 very large and heavy puzzle pieces that they must carry back to the start.  When all 10 are collected the blindfolds come off and everyone puts the puzzle together.  The whole thing was pretty confusing with a lot of yelling but the end result was Villains win immunity.

Back at the Hero’s camp, the tribe is feeling pretty defeated.  Candice switches sides and tries to get Rupert and JT to vote out James to no avail.  JT isn’t going back on his word this time because he knows he will have a target on his back and you can’t really blame him for that.  At tribal council Tom is sent home and yes, I felt bad for Tom.  Why couldn’t they vote out Rupert?  He is such an a$$ this season.

What did you all think of this episode?


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