Survivor 2010: Villains Should Have Listened To Coach

Tonight Survivor: Heroes vs. VillainsBoston Rob was sent packing on Survivor 2010 Episode 7 of Heroes vs. Villains.  I personally thought this episode was anticlimatic.  I was expecting more fireworks from the showdown but whatever. 

Rob starts the show by saying for the first time in three seasons he was surprised by a Tribal Council because we was not expecting Tyson to get voted off.  That’s because you’ve never played with Russ before Rob.  You have to expect the unexpected from him.  Courtney says it is obvious to everyone that Russ has a crush on Parvati and yes Courtney, even his wife knows all about it.  Russ tells Danielle and Parv that they need to work on Jerri to get her to vote out Rob and join their alliance and they are successful.  Parv promises to take Jerri to the final four and she does keep that promise.  Is that a first for Parv? 

Over at the Heroe’s camp Rupert says if there is ever a time for someone to take a stand now is that time.  He is referring to Colby and Colby knows if he doesn’t do his part in the next challenges, it’s game over for him. 

The reward challenge was quite funny to watch because it looked like everyone was moving in slow motion.  The guys were basically trying to drown each other and at one time Russ had Rupert pushed under the water.  Colby really came through for the team and scored two of the three baskets, the other one going to Candice.  You know Candice does really well in challenges so it was smart of the Heroes not to vote her out yet.  The reward was a feast of beef, chicken and fresh fruit and since it had been a long while since the heroes got to eat I was happy for them.  While they are eating Candice picks up the clue to the hidden immunity idol and the five of them decide they will find it together and use it together.  This probably isn’t the best plan since they decide to give it to Russell who eventually uses it to vote out JT. 

In the immunity challenge Courtney basically lost it for the Villains.  They were ahead until her last turn and she didn’t want to drop onto the net so she climbed down instead.  The Heroes win immunity!  Coach tries to tell everyone they need to get rid of the weakest player which is Courtney but Rob and Russell are gunning for each other and they are not listening.  I thought it was quite funny when Russ tells Rob in front of Sandra and Courtney that one of them needed to go home because they are no help in challenges.  I agree.  Both of these girls bring nothing to the table except running their mouths.  Coach pretty much tells both Rob and Russ he is with them but goes on his own to vote out Courtney which was a smart move on his part.  Jerri is the deciding vote to send Rob packing.  He gets up and hugs Jerri and tells Coach that he’s a little man.  Whatever Rob!  See ya!

I didn’t care for the arrogance in either of these men tonight and Russ pretty much disgusted me for the first time since I’ve seen him play.  Blackwhale’s spoilers were all correct this week so we could really see the emergence of Parvati as the power player and Russ as her little biatch.  Now that will be something to see.


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