Survivor 2010: What are the Villains thinking??

The Survivor 2010 episode begins with Parv and Russ pretty much doing the happy dance for evicting Boston Rob but Coach is highly upset and calls Russ a bully.  So Russ has now gotten rid of Tyson, great at the challenges and Rob, the best at the challenges.   If only Rob and Russ could have put their differences aside for the good of the team and gotten rid of the weaker players and when the tribes merged, they could have gone head to head.  Whatever, it is what it is.

At the Heroe’s camp, JT goes looking for the idol on his own and finds it but of course, nosy Amanda had to go looking for him and catches him with the idol so JT comes clean with the tribe and shows it to everyone.  He tells them whomever needs it first when we merge gets to use it.  Of course next week all that changes.

The reward challenge is survivor bowling and the Villains think they are merging so they take down their entire camp and bring it with them to the challenge.  FAKE OUT!  They are not going to merge, at least not yet.  When the Heroes see that Boston Rob is gone they immediately think there is an all girl alliance and JT mouths to Russ, “Hang in there” and Russ eats that up.  Sandra and Courtney sit out for the Villains because Coach says he wants to eat.  Parvati and Danielle both throw gutter balls and lose. Russ beats Colby and Coach barely loses to Amanda so Heroe’s win Reward and get to eat pizza.  Jerri is pissed because she wanted Sandra and Courtney to sit out during the immunity challenge because they are by far the worst in the competitions.

The immunity challenge is in the mud and two team members are belted together and must race the other group under and over obstacles to retrieve a flag. One person from each tribe will go head to head against each other.  Jerri and Danielle sit out for the Villains.  Amanda and Candice easily beat Russ and Sandra.  Coach barely wins over Rupert and Colby and JT slaughter Parvati and Courtney.  What an absolute waste of a player Courtney is.  Why haven’t they voted this girl out?  Oh yeah, she was protected by Boston Rob.  Now that I think about it, this whole thing is Rob’s fault.  He was so hell bent on keeping his little alliance together that he didn’t look at the overall picture of winning challenges.  Yes, Russ is an arrogant ass but why not align with him to keep the tribe strong?  I don’t get it.  Now the Villains have lost 4 straight comps.

Sandra puts a bug into Russ’s ear that Coach is gunning for him and made a mistake by not voting him out earlier and Russ runs with it.  I don’t think it ever occurs to him that Sandra is lying to keep her and Courtney in the game.  He should have listened to Danielle and her reasonings for keeping Coach instead of yelling at her but this is Russell and it’s his way or the highway and at Tribal Council, Coach is the one leaving.  What an absolute shame!  And to top it all off, Russ writes Courtneys name down in the end for what?  What kind of statement is he trying to make and what scheme is he pulling now?


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