Survivor 2011 Redemption Island Episode 10 Results Recap

First stop tonight on Survivor 2011 is, of course, a check in on Redemption Island where Matt is joined by Mike and Dave. The three castaways are trying to figure out how an arena duel will work with three people instead of two. Dave points out it’d be a “tri-al” rather than a duel. Yuk-yuk.

Back at the Murlonio tribe Steve has one hope to make it through the next Tribal Council: Phillip’s insanity. Steve hopes Ometepe will break from their trend of only voting against Zapatera if they get annoyed enough by the feathered one. I dunno though. If they could put up with him this long then I’m guessing they’re reserved to holding out just a few more days until Zap is all gone.

Phillip may prove me wrong tonight when he decides he’s in charge of how much rice Zapatera is allowed to eat. First stop: stealing their rice. Second stop: telling them how much they’re allowed to have. I’m sure that will go over well, right? This guy is as big an a-hole as he is simply insane.

Back at Redemption Island, all the Survivor castaways are treated to a trip to the arena where Matt, Mike, and David are about to face off. Sure enough, all three are competing at the same time. The three men have to build a house of cards to the top of a very high pole. Mike is the first to reach the top, but he’s having trouble with the last piece. Finally Mike gets it to hold to secure the first spot while Matt stays alive by coming in second place. David has been eliminated from the game.

Get ready for gross. Back at camp Andrea discovers there is some filth and bugs in their rice and has to be dumped out. Phillip is very upset that Steve won’t let them combine their rice piles. Keep in mind Phillip was planning to steal Steve’s rice, but now finds it ridiculous that Steve doesn’t want to just give him the rice.

At the Survivor Immunity Challenge, the castaways have to build a puzzle wheel and be one of the first six to get through to the second round. Rob is first, followed by Julie, Ralph, Andrea, Steve, and Grant. The second round requires a large puzzle to be constructed around the first puzzle. In the end it is very, very close but Rob just barely beats out Steve for the Immunity this week.

Best moment of the night: Julie decides to bury Phillip’s shorts in the jungle, leaving him with only his pink underwear. It’s hilarious.

Things boil over at Survivor Tribal Council, again, and it’s mostly thanks to Phillip, again. Short of it: Phillip thinks Steve is calling him the N-word when he calls him “crazy.” Phillip, you’re crazy and when I saw that I don’t mean any other word than crazy.

Jeff brings out the vote jar where we learn that Julie is eliminated when once again Ometepe stands firm and votes against Zapatera. In a parting jab, Julie lets Phillip know he’ll never find his shorts.

There are just two former Zapatera castaways left in the main game of Survivor. Even if either Ralph or Steve win the Immunity next week the other will be sent home. Ometepe should continue to dominate all the way down the line.


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