Survivor 2011 Redemption Island Episode 11 Results Recap

Survivor Redemption Island returned tonight and brought with it just a mere two remaining members of Zapatera: Steve and Ralph. Tonight we should be finding out which of them goes and which lives on to be the last of their tribe. Then again, could this finally be the week where Ometepe loses their patience with Phillip? We should be so lucky!

Speaking of Phillip, guess who came to him in a vision again? That’s right! Ronald McDonald His grandfather and he told him where he could find his pink shorts. You know what I think? Julie gave him to much dang information when she said it was under a rock in the sand. Just as well though. Sure enough, Phillip finds his shorts and balance is restored to the order.

Over at Redemption Island, Matt is having a breakdown and Survivor is happy to share all those moments with us. Matt tears up as he talks about how he’s over this game. Sounds like he’s ready go get eliminated tonight in the Arena.

Matt, Mike, and Julie face off at the 3-way battle which is shuffleboard. The first two castaways to land all three pucks into their end zone. Matt isn’t going anywhere this week. He’s the first to land his three pucks in the end zone. Mike lands his third puck in the end and knocks Julie out of the competition. She has been officially eliminated from Survivor 2011.

Back at camp Rob and Grant have decided it may be time to get rid of Andrea over Steve or Ralph. Rob is concerned over her sympathies for Matt. Yikes, tough crowd!

Immunity Challenge time. The castaways will face off in a good ol’ fashion log roll. Somehow I’m thinking Ralph spends most of his free time doing logrolls (I’m joking!). The duos are randomly assigned and Rob goes up against Grant and loses to his long-haired friend. Next it’s Ashley over Andrea. Zapatera faces off and its Steve who falls first while Ralph remains in the competition. Last duel of the first round is Natalie and Phillip and it’s not even close. Phillip stays up while Natalie flies through the air.

Round 2 of the Immunity Challenge starts with Ashley and Grant. There are several moments when it looks like Grant is tumbling over but it’s Ashley who hits the surface first. Next it’s Phillip and Ralph and there must not have been any saving visions because Phillip sinks like a rock.

That leaves Grant and Ralph for the final round where Grant emerges victorious to secure immunity, a glass of milk, and a giant chocolate cake. Jeff lets Grant pick one person to share the cake and instead of giving to the second place person, Ralph, he gives it to Rob. Jeff then offers a second seat at the cake table and Grant gives it to Andrea! Geez, poor Ralph.

Prior to Tribal Council a mysterious package is delivered to camp and the castaways are terrified by its potential twist power. Rob goes back to considering maybe it’s time to get rid of Andrea if the twist poses a danger. That lasts a little while until Steve tries to talk Ashley and Natalie in to joining with Andrea and Zapa’s 2 votes against Rob. The girls scamper off, find Rob, and spill the beans. Steve could be in the hot seat for proposing that little plan.

Jeff reveals the votes. Rob earns 2 votes to Ralph’s 5 votes. Ralph is eliminated and sent to Redemption Island.

The night isn’t over yet though. Steve opens the mysterious package and discovers the next Immunity Challenge will be played immediately along with the next elimination.

The challenge looks to be similar “Memory” meets “Simon”. The castaways have to follow a pattern of symbols from Probst. Phillip and Natalie are out first. Grant and Andrea are eliminated next. Steve and Ashley are out next which leaves Rob as the new winner.

Time for another round of voting. Will Rob execute his plan and eliminate Andrea? Let’s see what happens.

Jeff pulls out the votes one at a time. One vote against Grant. The rest fall against Steve. Andrea survived the wrath of Rob, but for how long? Steve has been banished to Redemption Island.


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