Survivor 2012 Philippines Episode 13 Recap: The Final Four Revealed


The Survivor Philippines castaways finally did what they should have done weeks ago and sent Abi-Maria off to the jury where she will be forced to vote for one of them.

That means your Survivor 2012 final four are Malcolm, Lisa, Skupin and Denise.

The episode opens on Abi thanking the others for keeping her, as if they did her a favor. That’s not exactly why they did it, but OK, Abi. She says she plans to play her fake idol again at next tribal, but she might not need it if people decide that she is the person to sit next to in the finale because she’s easy to beat.

Abi approaches Lisa and tells her to be careful because she’s on the bottom of her alliance and that Denise, Malcolm and Skupin are going to ditch her as soon as they can.

That leads to Lisa’s wheels turning. She doesn’t really believe Abi, but she does start thinking about what makes the most sense. She says she’d like to vote off Denise and keep Abi.

And then it’s time for the reward challenge. It’s the typical obstacle course/ring toss game. The winner gets a helicopter ride to board a boat for a pizza party and some whale watching. The winner gets to pick two people to join them, meaning two unlucky players will be left behind.

Skupin wins the challenge and he chooses Malcolm and Lisa to go along with him. Denise and Abi have to go back to camp empty-handed. Abi was crushed for some reason. Can someone tell me why she’s surprised she didn’t get picked? I thought she learned no one liked her two episodes ago.

On the pizza boat, the three of them are enjoying pizza, soda and cookies. Skupin gets a sugar high and the next thing you know Blair is eating a cookie off a flipper. Yikes. And then a final three deal is struck. Will it be Lisa, Malcolm and Skupin all the way to the end? We’ll know soon.

Denise wakes up feeling awful with some sort of neck issues, possibly a bite of some sort. She tries to shake it off, but she’s in a lot of pain. Lisa and Skupin are praying away the pain and Abi is grinning and hoping Denise is taken off in a medical helicopter. What a loving soul she is.

Let’s head off to the immunity challenge. It’s a maze/puzzle/skill mashup. Denise gets a strong lead, but Malcolm comes from behind and wins the challenge and a spot in the final four.

And now it’s time to talk about who should stay and who should go. Abi starts working Skupin. She’s pitching a final three, telling him that no one will vote for her in the finals and that he needs to ditch Denise and Malcolm. She has a point, but who wants to keep that heartless crazy person around any longer?

Lisa starts working in her idea to get rid of Denise while Denise is hinting at Malcolm to give her his hidden idol since he won’t need it. Then Lisa decides that maybe Denise needs to stay because the more people left to get rid of Malcolm next week, the better. So what will happen at Tribal …

Let’s find out. Abi is trying her hardest to throw Denise under the bus at Tribal. She even says that Lisa and Skupin can’t win the game and even calls Skupin an idiot and a moron. What is she doing? Why doesn’t she just go and sit in the jury seats now?

Let’s just get to the votes. This should be very obvious.

Denise: 1
Abi: 4

Abi is finally out of the game. Are you happy to see Abi go? Do you think they should have kept her because she’d be easier to beat?


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