Survivor 2013 Caramoan Finale Recap: Dawn Goes Teethless and Cochran Wins!

Cochran wins

Survivor 2013 Caramoan crowned a winner Sunday night but not before Brenda made the whole season worthwhile when she made Dawn remove her false teeth during the jury/final three interrogation.

As you already know, John Cochran won the Season 26 $1 million prize. But let’s back up and see how he got there.

The episode picked up right after Brenda’s elimination and Jeff is called in when Erik is having some sort of medical problem. “Everything is spinning,” he said. Jeff calls in the doctor to check him out.

The doctor says he’s in the early stages of starvation. The doctor pulls Erik from the game. Which was probably a good move because Erik seriously looked like he was starving to death.

So just like that, there are only four that remain: Cochran, Sherri, Dawn and Eddie. How Eddie made it to the final four is kind of beyond me and sort of amazing in its own way.

Now that Erik is out, Dawn, Cochran and Sherri have to figure out what to do now. Is Eddie still the choice? Or is it time they turn on each other? Cochran is thinking about it right away. He wants to be the first person to get to Eddie since he’s most likely to win the next immunity idol and will decide will get o go to the final three.

And that’s what Cochran does. He and Eddie shake on a deal.

Eddie has a plan. “We vote out Dawn next, Sherri comes in third, Cochran comes in second and I come in first. And I win the million dollar prize,” he says.

The next day they get the tree mail and are crazily excited for a shot at a reward challenge. Which will be food. And they all really need it. Especially since they’ve all had about as much food to eat as Erik had.

At the reward challenge they’re playing for a huge advantage in the immunity challenge. So no food. Waaaan waaaaan. But it is an advantage that could help them win immunity and the first spot in the final three.

Cochran wins the reward.

Eddie and Sherri know that they don’t want to sit next to Dawn in the finale because she’ll get all the jury votes. So Cochran is Dawn’s only hope at making it to the final three. And he’s got Dawn’s number, so it will all come down to who wins immunity. And if it’s Cochran, she’s not 100 percent safe because he said he’s “considering ditching her.”

It’s time for more tree mail. It’s about the nostalgia tour where they remember all the fallen contestants and then the final immunity challenge.

So off to the immunity challenge. Cochran opens his reward. He gets to skip a portion of the competition. So it is quite an advantage.

For the challenge, the players have to hold on to a handle to balance their small table and build a house of wooden cards with the other hand.

Cochran’s advantage went no where and he easily fell behind. But then he caught back up and won immunity. And Dawn is super happy because she thinks it’s easily Eddie who will be heading home. Will that be the case?

And Dawn and Cochran have their little talk and she starts crying as usual. Which is the worst thing she can do since he’s already irritated with her roller coaster of emotions.

Then Cochran heads off to talk to Eddie. Cochran is straight up with Eddie that he or Dawn will be heading home. Eddie pleads his case by being an idiot and I think he played that card very well. Poor, clueless fella.

Let’s head to Tribal Council and find out who is going to plead their case to the jury for the $1 million prize.

Eddie made is best move in the game by dropping the hint that the supposed final three would’ve been Erik, Dawn and Sherri had Erik not been pulled from the game. So you can see the reaction on everyone’s faces that Eddie put that out there with Cochran sitting on the decision.

The Votes


Eddie is voted out so that leaves Cochran, Dawn and Sherri in the final three. What a ridiculous final three. I’ll just go ahead and say it. Laughable.

It’s time for the very final Tribal Council. Cochran, Dawn and Sherri plead their cases and as expected, Cochran made the best arguments and is clearly poised to win the final vote. So let’s get to it.

Best moment of the Tribal Council: Brenda asking Dawn to take out her teeth and show the others how Brenda saw her that day. Brenda INSISTS that she do it. And she does. Brenda deserves the fan favorite vote just for that. Amazing.

Survivor 2013 Caramoan - Dawn's teeth

The Final Votes (choices are who they want to win)


Cochran wins. Unanimously. The Player of the Season prize went to Malcolm. And if anyone else is confused about the runner-up reward, it sounds like Dawn and Sherri tie as runners up since neither received any jury votes.


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