Survivor 2013 Caramoan Finale: Sole Survivor Winner Revealed

Survivor Caramoan cast

Tonight on Survivor 2013 we’re about to find out who won Caramoan and becomes the 26th Sole Survivor. It’ll be either Cochran, Eddie, Erik, Dawn, or Sherri walking away with the one million dollar prize. Let’s find out who it’ll be.

Ten “super fans” faced off against Survivor “Favorites” but by the end there were just two fans and three favorites but two more of those will have to go before we get to hear host Jeff Probst reveal tonight’s winner.

After tonight’s results show there will also be the usual reunion show and I’m curious to see if Hantz is invited back. We’ve already heard Brenda won’t be friendly with Dawn and from the comments here on the site, most of you wouldn’t expect that it.

Readers have voted and a slim majority predicts Cochran will win tonight and if he can make it to the final three then I’d have to agree that they’re right. If he can avoid being tonight’s medical evacuation then he’ll be just one elimination away from that.

The medical emergency hits quickly and early in tonight’s show. On the way back from Tribal Council Erik says his head starts spinning. Jeff immediately arrives and is concerned about Erik’s condition. The doctor comes in and identifies Erik as being in an early stage of starvation. The doctor gives Erik and IV and says he’s pulling him out of the game. I would throw a fit, but Erik is passive and accepts it. He is definitely in rough shape.

We’re now down to 4 castaways on Survivor Caramoan and just three days left in the game for them to compete.

Cochran makes a deal with Eddie, who accepts, and they plan to vote out Dawn next and head on to the end with Sherri.

Reward Challenge time. The players have to hold on to a handle to balance their small table and build a house of wooden cards with the other hand. The reward is an advantage in the final immunity challenge. Huge stakes here.

Oh this is brutal to watch. Everyone has lost their stack at least once so far. Dawn was one level away from the win when she toppled hers. Awful. Cochran is perhaps having the hardest time out of the group.

Cochran and Sherri are even and just a few levels away from the coveted “red line” finish mark. Sherri leans over to grab a few more cards and topples her stack. Cochran is just one more away and… he gets win! Cochran wins yet again and will have an immunity challenge advantage. This was his third individual win on Survivor 2013. He’s building an incredible case for winning this all.

Here we go. The final immunity challenge is here. Let’s see what Cochran’s advantage will be in this competition. Cochran reveals he won’t have to untie his bag of puzzle pieces. Everyone else will have to go through a series of knots to release their bag of pieces.

Huge advantage for Cochran. He’s back up the stairs for his second bag before the others are heading back with their first. He’s a round ahead of them and he’s winded with no breaks from running in between the bags. Cochran is already working his puzzle before Eddie and Dawn are back with their second bags.

Sherri is the last to get her third bag of puzzle pieces. Cochran is slow to make progress on his puzzle. He has zero pieces assembled and everyone else has now joined him. Dawn is actually ahead of Cochran. Ouch.

Dawn is making steady progress. Sherri isn’t far behind. Eddie has nothing. Cochran starts to make a comeback.

Wow! What a comeback indeed. Dawn’s momentum fizzles while Sherri never really got going and Eddie barely showed up on the radar. Cochran wins the final immunity and is guaranteed to plead his case to the Jury. Does he have this in the bag?

Next Tribal Council is coming up where either Dawn, Eddie, or Sherri will be eliminated.

At Council Eddie makes it clear: take me and Sherri or you’ll lose to Dawn. Did it work? No! Eddie votes against Dawn, but everyone else votes against Eddie. Eddie is voted off Survivor just shy of the finale.

Cochran, Dawn, and Sherri move on to the final three and will plead their case to the Survivor 2013 Caramoan Jury.

Each of the three make their case to the Jury and now it’s time for them to get grilled in return.

Malcolm kicks it off well by telling Sherri he doesn’t have a question for her, but his vote is up in the air between Dawn and Cochran. Malcolm wants to know what quality Cochran had that he didn’t that helped him get to the end. Cochran says it was “heightened insecurity” that kept him on edge.

Eddie asks Sherri if she’ll admit that she got carried to the end. She denies it. Eddie calls Dawn out for her displays of weakness throughout the game. He asks Cochran how this game has changed him and Cochran says it’s positive and he’s cured of a lot of his fears.

Phillip lets Sherri know he’s taking away her membership in “Stealth R Us.” He goes after Dawn for playing such a weak persona in the game. Phillip is giving a lot of praise to Cochran and calls him a “real class act.”

Erik is up and goes to Dawn first. He lets her know she crushed their relationship when she voted out Brenda. Erik wants to address “awareness” with Sherri and asks if she knows why she’s here at the end. He calls her a “seashell on the beach” and sets her off.

Michael is up and says Dawn and Cochran played a very similar game but notices only Dawn is taking heat for it. Dawn says she developed relationships in a way that Cochran didn’t and she has more blood on her hands than Cochran. During Cochran’s response he points out the damage her paranoia did to the alliances. No question from Michael for Sherri.

Reynold out of the gate tells Dawn he doesn’t like her and never did. He asks her to just be honest and give him three adjectives. She struggles and answers chauvinistic, sense of humor, and vulgar. That’s all we get from Reynold.

Andrea says she’s not bitter at any of them. Cochran has to pick his power animal for this game. He goes with chameleon and explains how he changed through the game.

Survivor 2013 Caramoan - Dawn's teeth

Brenda goes to Cochran with her question and wants to know why he took something away from her just after she gave him the family time at the challenge. He says she was a threat and he took it out. Now on to Dawn. She’s emotional and hurt by Dawn’s betrayal. Oh, this is big. She asks if Dawn would have really quit the game if she didn’t get her teeth back. Dawn says, “no.” Brenda calls her on it and wants her to take out her teeth. Brenda says no then says yes. Finally Brenda gives and takes out her bottom teeth. Hah!

Okay, time to vote. After all that I’m still sticking with Cochran as the winner of Survivor tonight.

Here we go. It’s time to reveal the votes.

Vote 1: Cochran
Vote 2: Cochran
Vote 3: Cochran
Vote 4: Cochran
Vote 5: Cochran!

That’s enough! Cochran won Survivor 2013 Caramoan! Congrats to him and his dream coming true.

The live reunion show is up next. Jeff reveals the original Survivor Rudy is in the house along with Richard Hatch and Boston Rob. They’ll all be participating in tonight’s follow-up show. Enjoy!

The “Player of the Season” is revealed to be Malcolm. He received 36% of the vote while Brenda came in at second with 35%. So close!

Can’t wait for the next season of Survivor? Jeff teased this hint at Season 27 and we’re guessing it means we’ll watch family play against one another.


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