Survivor 2013: Who Was Voted Off Tonight? Episode 7 Results

Laura M assembles her puzzle on Survivor

Tonight we’ll find out who was voted off Survivor 2013 when Jeff reveals the votes from this week’s losing tribe. Tadhana is riding strong after back to back wins, but can they keep the momentum going or will Galang even the team sizes this week with an Immunity win? Let’s find out.

The show kicks off with Kat heading to Redemption Island and Galang returning to camp down one more player. Kat is worried about what this could mean for her relationship with Hayden while Vytas has just got to be thrilled to have survived against the odds.

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First up we’ve got tonight’s Redemption Island challenge that we previewed earlier, but first Hayden is offered the chance to swap spots with Kat. I don’t see that happening, but we’ll see what he has to say. Jeff even puts Hayden right on the spot when he says their relationship is more important than this game.

Wow, this is awkward. Hayden obviously does not want to switch, but Kat is desperate to swap. She repeatedly says she wants to switch, but Hayden keeps pausing and “um’ing.” Hayden tells her to consider who has a better chance overall. Kat is crying and says she can’t even spell so she knows she won’t do well with a puzzle. Finally she says she’ll play. Hayden dodged that bullet!

Kat is set to compete against John and Laura. They have to untie a machete to chop a rope and drop puzzle pieces. Those pieces are then used to build a “fire” puzzle.

John gets through the knots and rope first with Kat not far behind. Laura is in third as they start their puzzles, but Kat can’t figure out how to get her pieces out of her bag so she drops to third.

John is tearing through his puzzle while Laura tries to follow his lead. Kat remains far behind, but she is starting to pick up the pace on her puzzle.

Once again John wins the challenge and gets to hand out another Immunity clue. Meanwhile Kat is getting a lot of help from the audience, but it’s not going to help. Laura completes her puzzle. Kat is eliminated from Survivor.

Jeff gives John the clue to hand out. John picks Monica and just as she did before Monica tosses it in the fire after thanking him for the gift.

Back at camps we see Tyson putting the “eliminate Aras” plan in to action with Tadhana. While Aras is away on a meditation walk we see Tyson rally the rest of the tribe to agree that Aras will be their target to keep him from getting to Vytas.

Immunity is up for grabs! Tribes begin chained together. They’ll have to get themselves loose from a pair of little wire coils before navigating an obstacle course and picking up bags of pieces. Those pieces are put together to form bolos which they’ll toss at target bars. Interestingly the challenge was adapted to remove the part where they had to unlock chains on their arms as we saw in the Dream Team preview.

Tadhana elects to have Ciera sit out before things get started. Right from the start the tribes are running very close together. Tadhana has a slight lead but things get ugly as Galang works to block Tadhana from escaping to the final stage. Now everyone is at the final step where they have to build the bolos to toss as the wooden racks.

Tyson gets to the throwing first but Tina isn’t far behind. Tyson gets two up but Tina is just a step behind. They both need one more to win. Tyson pulls out the win! Galang is set to head to Tribal Council for a third straight week. Interesting, another reduction from the original plan. We saw yesterday it’d take six bolos to win, but this was only three. I guess these Survivors are weaker than the Dream Team!

While Tadhana is off enjoying their luxury picnic reward we see Galang break the news to Vytas. Laura B tells Vytas that he’s going home because the girls have decided. Now we have to see if that move backfires or if the girls will stick together. Hmm…

At Tribal Council things look iffy on who will go home, but as the tribe talks it’s clear either Vytas or Laura B will be voted out tonight.

Jeff reveals the votes: Vytas, Laura, Laura, Laura. Aww snap! Another blindside. Laura B is voted off Survivor. She heads to Redemption Island where she’ll compete against John and Laura M.

Big news for next week! It’s time for the merge! Next Redemption Island challenge is the last. It’s an endurance battle and the winner will re-enter the game as part of the merged tribe!

So did Galang make the right choice in voting out Laura and which castaway do you think will win their way back in to the game next week?


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