Survivor 2018 David Vs Goliath Player Rankings Week 3

We are heading into Week 3 of Survivor 20118, that means we have a bit of a grasp on how the David vs. Goliath players are doing. That means it’s time for our first Player Rankings for Survivor 37.

For now we are dividing the rankings up by tribe, because imagine ranking them all together at this point. No thank you.

Survivor 2018 Player Rankings Week 3

David Tribe 

1. Christian Hubicki. From winning the Davids their first challenge right out of the gate to appointing himself leader of the tribe, Christian is by far at the top of the list for the Davids. How he will do at a swap or merge might be different, but right now he is definitely leading the Davids as far as gameplay and worth goes.

2. Gabby Pascuzzi. Gabby is the exact reason doing rankings anytime before the end of week 2 is a bad idea. Because I would have ranked her last the previous week. But this week she’s actually No. 2 for the Davids. She is a bit insecure and snazzy, which means she probably won’t do well in the long run, but she really did some stuff this week. She got scared she was a target and then didn’t like the idea of Lyrsa being a target, so she put the target on Jessica. And she even convinced Christian to vote Jessica out. Or at least that’s how the edit looks. At any rate, she’s sitting in our No. 2 spot this week.

3. Davie Rickenbacker. David would have been No. 2 this week, but he wasn’t in on the Jessica vote, so that puts him on the outside of the tribe majority. But he does have the David hidden immunity idol and that gives him a lot of power – as long as he knows how to use it (and doesn’t tell everyone like Dan did on the Goliath tribe).

4. Nick Wilson. Nick went from the target last week to voting in the majority. I think his best move was forming the alliance with Christian. That should keep him safe within the tribe for a bit at least.

5. Lyrsa Torres. Like Nick, Lyrsa was the target and here she is playing another week. Lyrsa didn’t do all of the work to keep her in the game this week, but she did something right to make people want to keep her. I think she earned her spot here this week, but I can’t rank her any higher because she does seem to make herself an easy target.

6. Elizabeth Olson. Elizabeth played a crucial part in keeping Lyrsa, and has herself aligned with a few different people. She has herself in a pretty good position.

7. Bi Nguyen. Bi and Carl are interchangeable at this point, but I think Bi gets the slight edge because she fared better in challenges and knows how to play the game when she’s not being blindly arrogant like last week.

8. Carl Boudreaux. Like I just said, Carl could be in either of the bottom 2 spots, but seeing as how he was the most blindsided by Jessica’s elimination, and the emotional impact it has, I think he is sitting tight at the bottom of the list this week.

Goliath Tribe

1 John Hennigan. The Goliaths are pretty hard to rank because they’ve been winning challenges and haven’t had to worry about strategy as much. So that being said, John is ranking at the top because of his strength and challenge performance. He also seems to be kind of leading the way for a few people in the tribe.

2. Alec Merlino. Like John, Alec is proving his worth in challenges. He isn’t playing into any of the drama (yet) either, so as long as he keeps helping them win challenges, he’s in a  good spot.

3. Jeremy Crawford. Jeremy has a leadership quality about him that even shows in a group of leaders. He seems to be the smartest on the tribe and might have the most control when it comes down to an actual vote when that comes up. And he knows about Dan’s idol, which makes him more powerful than Dan at this point. He does seem to be a little too outspoken though, so that could be his downfall eventually.

4. Mike White. I didn’t expect to rank Mike this high after the first week when he was a big target for his reality show past and idol hunting. But he seems to have managed to fade into the background and shrink the target on himself

5. Angelina Keeley. With how she was acting at the start of the game I was sure everyone would hate her and she’d go home early. But it seems like she has fit into her tribe and isn’t in any danger yet.

6. Kara Kay. Kara gets this spot for simply realizing that latching onto Dan is a bad idea. She knows that romances get targeted and Dan is play so poorly it would be stupid to latch onto him.

7. Natalie Cole. I want to rank Natalie higher because she’s tough as nails. But she’s not self-aware and that is making her a huge target. I should probably be ranking her at the bottom for that reason, but I think she’s smart enough to know how to pivot if it comes down to it.

8. Alison Raybould. I struggled with where to place Alison because she seems to think she’s big and bad, but I haven’t seen it. I mean she played in the first challenge and lost, so I just don’t have a reason to rank her any higher at this point.

9. Natalia Azoqa. I don’t know who she is, so that means two things: she’s boring and she’s safe. So I can’t really rank her last. No, that honor has been earned.

10. Dan Rengering. It’s hard to remember someone who played so poorly so early. I mean plenty of people have come in guns blazing and gone right out, but Dan actually seemed to have potential and even found the hidden immunity idol. But then he told too many people. And then he left it in his jacket for anyone to find. And the did. And he’s trying too hard with Kara and  people are just over it. Bad, bad gameplay.

How would you rank the two Survivor David vs. Goliath tribes?



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