Survivor 2018 David Vs Goliath Player Rankings Week 4

As we head into Week 4 of Survivor 2018, we are facing a tribe swap, so things will look a lot different soon, but we can still take a look at how the David vs. Goliath castaways played the past week. Not a lot changed on the David tribe, but the Goliath tribe made some shifts as they were faced with their first Survivor 37 Tribal Council.

Survivor 2018 Player Rankings Week 4

David Tribe 

1. Christian Hubicki. Christian remains at the top of the Davids. He’s the tribe’s clear leader, and it’s as if he was never an option to be voted out. He helped win the first challenge and was also why the won last week’s immunity challenge. If a guy with his brain couldn’t solve that puzzle, no one could.

2. Gabby Pascuzzi. I’m leaving Gabby at the No. 2 spot even though she would have been the target last week had the Davids lost immunity. She is just really playing the game and that’s why she’s the target. She also helped the Davids win the challenge, so that gets her some extra points.

3. Nick Wilson. Nick bumps Davie out of the No. 3 spot because he went from the main target to actually controlling the potential target this past week. Nick really played the game, and aligning himself with Christian didn’t hurt.

4. Davie Rickenbacker. Davie wasn’t very active in the past week, but he still has that hidden immunity idol, so that gives him enough power to rank in at No. 4 on our list.

5. Bi Nguyen. Bi jumps up a few spots this week because she’s just playing smart. And she’s also been the go-to person for competitions on the David tribe. Last week she dropped because she wasn’t in on the Jessica blindside, but she took that as a wake-up call and worked herself into a good position once again.

6. Lyrsa Torres. Lyrsa managed to stick around despite being the definite target in Week 2, so she is still holding onto the No. 6 spot. Will she be able to maintain after the swap? That’s hard to tell.

7. Elizabeth Olson. Elizabeth and Carl are pretty interchangeable for the week. Both were not in any kind of danger, but neither also really contributed much to the week.

8. Carl Boudreaux. As I just said, he can Elizabeth are definitely at the bottom for the week, but I think Carl earned the bottom spot for having the first official mini meltdown of the season after Jessica’s elimination.

Goliath Tribe

1 John Hennigan. John is holding onto the top spot this week because he’s kind of the goto for everyone. Despite the divide among the tribe, everyone seems to be working with him. And he’s good at competitions. He’ll be valuable at least until merge

2. Alec Merlino. Alec is managing to both play the game and lay low. He’s winning challenges and staying out of the drama.

3. Angelina Keeley. I’m not a fan of Angelina, but she was the one and only person who saw Natalie as a wasted vote. It didn’t seem like she was getting through to anyone, but in the end Angelina got her way.

4. Mike White. Mike didn’t want Jeremy to go, but he knew what he needed to do. Mike is playing smart, and that’s good because he was definitely an early target on the Goliath tribe.

5. Kara Kay. Kara continues to distance herself from Dan and his bad gameplay and that’s why she’s earned her spot at No. 5.

6. Natalie Cole. Last week I struggled with here to rank Natalie, but I think after her sticking around last week, she definitely earned a spot among the top 6. She’s playing awfully as far as her attitude goes, but she’s also very good at making her seem like the old lady who will never win anything. It’s an interesting strategy and it worked at least this past week.

7. Alison Raybould. I don’t know exactly where to place Alison, but I think she’s going to wake up soon, so I’ll leave her here for the time being.

8. Natalia Azoqa. I still haven’t been given a reason to rank Natalia any higher. I did figure out who she was this past week though when Jeff Probst said her name.

9. Dan Rengering. And Dan remains at the very bottom. Which still blows my mind since he has the idol and has a lot of power in his pocket. But he has played so poorly that basically everyone on the tribe knows he has the idol. He might be able to position himself better after the pending tribe swap, but for now his poor gameplay has earned him dead last.

How would you rank the two Survivor David vs. Goliath tribes?



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