Survivor 2018 David Vs. Goliath Player Rankings Week 5

It’s time for a Survivor 2018 Player Rankings merge! With 15 players left and three tribes currently playing, it’s time to put all the players on one group for our latest rankings. When there were two tribes it was easy enough to split the rankings into two. But three tribes of five just seems silly to split. And since the Davids and Goliaths are mixed already, now is the perfect time to rank the group as a whole.

Bear with me this first week, as it’s going to be hard to figure out the top spots. But as always, this is how I think the players rank based on gameplay, competition ability and any powers they have.

Survivor 2018 Week 5 Player Rankings

1. Christian Hubicki. It was pretty easy to rank Christian at the top of the Davids, but I wasn’t sure how he’d fare when comparing him to everyone. It turns out, he is still playing a good game and adapted quickly to being put on a tribe with a Goliath majority.

2. John Hennigan. I thought when we got to our rankings merge, John would be at the top, but after seeing Christian charm him, I think he gets the No. 2 spot. John continues to be a strong player while also focusing on relationships. The latter is rare in the powerful guy archetype.

3. Davie Rickbacker. Davie comes in at No. 3 because he has a hidden immunity idol and is now a part of the David majority on his new tribe. I also think he just has a nice hold of the game.

4. Gabby Pascuzzi. Gabby seems to be an emotional rollercoaster and that might get old shortly, but for now she’s playing quite the manipulative game and it’s working. Good for her.

5. Alec Merlino. Alec would have been ahead of Gabby and Davie had he not made a big mistake voting out Natalia last week. I just think it was a pretty dumb move to throw away your majority. Maybe it won’t matter, but for now it feels dumb to me. I should actually rank him lower, but he’s just done so well in competitions, I can’t bring myself to rank him lower.

6. Angelina Keeley. Angelina is kind of a toss-up for me. She’s not really doing anything major, but she wanted Jeremy out and Jeremy went home. She didn’t completely cause his demise but she got the ball rolling.

7. Nick Wilson. Nick might be playing a better game than this ranking would suggest. I just feel there are some doing a better job, so this is where he lands. He also might want to chill out on the alliances. That could come back to bite him. Or it could have him set up well for the merge.

8. Mike White. Like Nick, Mike isn’t playing a bad game, he’s just kind of laying in wait. And he was once a pretty big target, so I’m wondering if that’ll resurface soon. Regardless, he’s stuck around longer than I expected.

9. Dan Rengering. Dan ranks this low despite having an idol because of his bad gameplay in the beginning. Now that he is no longer on a tribe with Kara, his game should improve, and having that idol as a backup is powerful.

10. Carl Boudreaux. Carl seems like a true David. A real underdog. He was blindsided by votes, didn’t get put on a new tribe initially and was sent to Exile Island. On paper, he should probably be in last place. But he now holds the idol nullifier, which gives him some actual power in the game. Of course it has to be used properly or it will be a complete waste.

11. Kara Kay. I wasn’t sure where to put Kara. She probably deserves to be higher, especially since she was working on distancing herself from Dan even before the tribe swap. I think this is just where she lands this week, but will climb some spots coming soon.

12. Elizabeth Olson. I think Elizabeth is doing a good job with relationships and keeps ending up on the right side of the vote, so she’s playing a pretty decent game.

13. Lyrsa Torres. I find Lyrsa to be a really odd player. She’s irritating and has been a target, but somehow managed to stay. I don’t see her as the kind of person that will go all the way, so I don’t know what to make of her yet. For now, let me just put her right here.

14. Natalie Cole. I think Natalie is making for good TV. She’s bold and fun to watch, but she’s terrible at the game. She’s made everyone hate her, and I think her bossiness is so intense, it might outweigh how easy she would be to beat. I don’t know if I could stand being around her long enough to drag her to the end. But it’ll probably happen.

15. Alison Raybould. Alison is getting that non-player edit despite being featured well in the first episode. I just always seem to miss her in every episode. I can’t remember any conversations or competition performances. I just think she’s this season’s victim of poor editing.

How would you rank the remaining Survivor 37 castaways?


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