Survivor 2018: Player Rankings Week 4

Last week on Survivor 2018 we saw an idol wasted and some players finally take their game above the radar, so this week’s player rankings will have a lot of shifts compared to last week’s.

The criteria for the rankings include how well players have performed during challenges, alliances they’ve formed and any strategy we’ve seen. Any powers they’ve obtained also come into play. I don’t give a lot of weight to who may or may not be a target (this isn’t who is most likely to not go home next, so keep that in mind). Let’s get to it.

Survivor 2018 Ghost Island Player Rankings Week 4

1. Donathan Hurley. I’m keeping Donathan in the top spot for now because he continues to perform well in challenges and has been crucial in his tribe’s voting decisions. We also saw him use his social game as a weapon in the last episode, and I think he and Laurel could become a powerful pair if they keep themselves successfully in the middle.

2. Domenick Abbate. Once again Domenick rests at our No. 2 spot. He still has the hidden immunity idol and the legacy advantage, and now he’s actually becoming someone people want to work with (instead of Chris). He’s still a messy character, so he won’t hold onto this spot for long, but it’s fun to watch him while he’s here.

3. Kellyn Bechtold. Last week Kellyn started playing the game. She was sent off to Ghost Island and when she chose not to play the game of chance I was left shaking my head. But she knew she needed her vote at tribal (playing the game meant she lost her vote at tribal) and had she lost it, her alliance would have been in trouble. She definitely had the best move of the game.

4. Laurel Johnson. Like Kellyn, Laurel kind of woke up last episode. She killed it in the reward challenge and also showed us how smart she is by teaming up with Donathan to defy Chris and embrace Domenick and Wendell. She also got Dom to share with her that he has an idol.

5. Bradley Kleihege. Before I get into why Bradley is here, let me remind you that these rankings can change every week. I don’t expect Bradley to be this high up very long because he’s being very cocky (and without reason) and had several votes against him at the last tribal council. But he earned his spot last week by being one step ahead of Michael and his idol. He knew that if anyone had an idol they’d play it for Stephanie, so he orchestrated the vote against Brendan.

6. James Lim. James continue to climb our rankings after being so terrible a player in the first week that I expected him to go home then. But since then he’s shown he’s a strategic player and has held his own in competitions.

7. Stephanie Johnson. I’m pretty sure Stephanie survived what should have been her elimination, so now she has the shot to reposition herself and go a lot farther in the game. As a fan of the show, she should be able to play her cards right to make it happen. But we’ll see.

8. Wendell Holland. Wendell wasn’t in on the vote his last time at Tribal, so he and Domenick voted against Angela, so now he has her and Chris gunning for him and Domenick. And since Domenick has an idol, Wendell could be the one in danger. That is if people listen to Chris and Angela, but as we saw last week, Donathan and Laurel want to keep Wendell around.

9. Sebastian Noel. Sebasitan continues to law low a bit unless it comes to challenges. And since I think Michael is a bigger target than him, he should be able to make it to merge at this point.

10-12. (any order) Desiree Afuye, Chelsea Townsend and Jenna Bowman. I’m still waiting to figure out who Jenna and Chelsea are. I think we’ll get to know Desiree a little better this week, based on the preview, so hopefully she’ll get her own raking next week.

13. Libby Vincek. Libby is a hard one to rank. At first I thought she was sweet and could coast on her social game. But then she was one of the targets at her last tribal council. I’m thinking she can still sneak by a bit longer, which definitely makes her higher than some of the others.

14. Angela Perkins. I think Angela has a lot of work to do if she wants to shake her association with Chris. She seems like someone who could play the game pretty well on her own, so it’s unfortunate that she has been lumped in with Chris, who is the biggest threat in the game.

15. Chris Noble. Chris is definitely going home the first chance his tribe gets. But he has managed to stick around this long, so we can’t count him out.

16. Michael Yerger. Michael missused his Idol and is now most definitely the next on the list to go in his tribe. I do respect his attempt at the last tribal council though. He almost pulled off getting someone on Bradley’s side to flip and that would have been the end of Bradley. That almost makes me want to move Michael above Chris and Angela, but I think we’ll keep him here for now.


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