Survivor 2018 Power Rankings For Week 8

We are now one week past the Survivor 2018 merge, and it’s time to start really getting serious – both for the Survivor castaways and these Power Rankings. It’s now when we’re going to start really seeing who is in this game to actually win it, and I have to say, the girl power is alive and well this season.

As you’ll see below, the women are starting to dominate the Power Rankings for the first time this season, and deservedly so.¬†There are 12 castaways remaining in the Survivor Ghost Island game, so lets get to the rankings to see how they all fared during the past week.

The criteria for the rankings include how well players have performed during challenges, alliances they’ve formed and any strategy we’ve seen. Any powers they’ve obtained also come into play. I don’t give a lot of weight to who may or may not be a target (this isn’t who is most likely to not go home next, so keep that in mind). Let’s get to it.

Survivor 2018 Ghost Island Power Rankings Week 8

1 Kellyn Bechtold. I’ve been sleeping on Kellyn, clearly. Back when she chose not to play the Ghost Island game, I first thought what a fool. But then I thought, Oohhhh, she’s smart. And since then she’s shown just how smart she is. And after last week’s immunity win, she’s also physically capable of winning this game. From her voting history, to her competition prowess and that erase-a-vote in her pocket, Kellyn is the most powerful player in the game right now.

2. Michael Yarger. Michael has had his ups and downs in the Survivor game and on this list. He reaches his highest position this week because of how he’s survived so many tribal councils while being one of the biggest threats in the game. He’s really devoted to the game, too, as we have seen with his edit the past couple of weeks. And let’s not forget the hidden immunity idol he’s holding onto. He has potential to win individual immunity soon as well, so those could get him deeper into this game.

3. Laurel Johnson. Laurel’s mental game has continued to impress me. She knows how to work a vote and who to align with. She also knows how to tell people what they want to hear. And she hasn’t made herself appear to be any kind of physical threat like Kellyn may have done this past week. So there might come a time soon when Laurel even surpasses Kellyn in the rankings.

4. Domenick Abbate. Domenick drops this week even though he managed to win the battle between he and Chris. But if you really think about it, Domenick didn’t win any war. Chris just lost. The tribe was literally trying to figure out who they liked the least in this battle, Chris or Domenick. So while Dom might have appeared to be running the show the past couple of weeks, I think his days are numbered. He does still have the idol up his sleeve, but I think he’ll be very easy to blindside.

5. Wendell Holland. Much like Domenick, Wendell is started to be seen as someone running the game, and it’s starting to wear thin on some people. I think Wendell is a smarter player, however and could use the idol he has to keep himself in the game when the time comes, which might be pretty soon.

6. Donathan Hurley. Donathan has been a favorite in the game and on this list. But this week he drops several spots because he’s starting to blend into the background. And even though he knows what’s up (he never fell for Chris’ bull), he’s starting to come off as too nice, and that’s definitely going to make him a threat to the others really soon. That being said, he’s still playing a great game and it pains me to rank him out of the Top 5 for the first time this season.


7. Desiree Afuye. I keep going back and forth on Desiree. She is terrible at challenges, but she knows what needs to be done in the game. Last week she was ready to send Libby home because Chris and Domenick would always be targets. She’s thinking ahead and I like that.

8. Jenna Bowman. Jenna is still a little neither here nor there. She’s had a few good moments where she played strategically and she managed to survive a couple times as a target, so she definitely doesn’t deserve to be ranked any lower.

9. Sebastian Noel. Sebastian holds onto this spot because he’s seemingly a strong player but hasn’t done much that we’ve seen. He’s simply a victim of the edit because I have no idea how else to rank him.

10. Libby Vincek. I decided to move Libby up from the very bottom, only because she’s managed to slip through the fingers of many people who have wanted her out. Her time could run out, but it seems there’s always someone more of a target that her. And there’s still something we’re not seeing from her because I can’t imagine why so many people find her threatening.

11. Chelsea Townsend. I honestly still don’t know what to say about Chelsea. I cannot remember someone getting a more non-existent edit. I mean the best thing I can say is hey, she hasn’t been voted off at least.

12. Angela Perkins. Angela finds her way back at the bottom, even though I’m not sure she deserves it. I’ve just seen her make too many bad moves, and until she does something to change my mind, I will consider her the weakest player of the season.

How would you rank the reaming 13 Survivor Season 36 players?


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