Survivor 2018 Power Rankings For Week 9

Survivor 2018 continues to shift now that we are two weeks past the merge. Players are starting to show their cards a little more as far as strategy and physical prowess goes now that they’re playing for individual immunity.

We’re also going to start seeing weekly shifts in our rankings. One week someone might be No. 1 and then drop out of the Top 5 the next or even get voted out. Which means it’s the best part of the season, because it’s becoming far more unpredictable and dramatic.

The criteria for the Survivor power rankings include how well players have performed during challenges, alliances they’ve formed and any strategy we’ve seen during the past week. Any powers they’ve obtained also come into play. I don’t give a lot of weight to who may or may not be a target (this isn’t who is most likely to not go home next, so keep that in mind). Let’s get to it.

Survivor 2018 Ghost Island Power Rankings Week 9

1. Domenick Abbate. Domenick moves back up to the top spot. I thought for sure he’d lose control of the game this past week, but he did not. He continues to seemingly call the shots and everyone seems to be too afraid to make a move on him. And he still has the hidden immunity idol, so he’s clearly the most powerful person in the game right now.

2. Kellyn Bechtold. I’m still keeping my eye on Kellyn. She was in the top spot last week after winning immunity and being instrumental in the past several votes. She continued to help control the vote this past week, too, but being a part of that group of women who wanted Libby out. And they got what they wanted. So Kellyn holds on strong to the second spot this week.

3. Wendell Holland. Like Domenick, Wendell moves back up on the list. I kept thinking he or Domenick would be going home soon, but I’m starting to think that won’t be the case. Wendell continues to get what he wants out of the game and he also has that idol ready to go if he’s ever feeling in danger at Survior 2018 Tribal Council. He would probably have been No. 2 this week, but him refusing to take part in the eating challenge last week was pretty lame.

4. Laurel Johnson. Laurel  stays steady around the 3rd and 4th spot as one of the best players in the game. Her mental game has continued to impress me and she knows how to work a vote and who to align with. She also knows how to tell people what they want to hear. And she still hasn’t made herself appear to be any kind of physical threat. I think she might be playing the best game right now, so expect her to jump to No. 1 soon, but I can’t do it yet, because she hasn’t made any major moves. Yet.

5. Michael Yarger. Michael rounds out the Top 5 because he actually used his hidden immunity idol when he needed to. And he used it correctly this time. Michael has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, guts in the game. He is playing so hard and playing to win. He has outlived many, many people of the same casting archetype. I do think he’s days are numbered, though, but he has put up a great fight.

6. Donathan Hurley. Donathan holds onto the No. 6 spot because he has aligned with the right people. He’s with the powerful people (Dom, Laurel and Wendell), but seen as a far less threat. So that will keep him shielded but only until it’s down to just his alliance and then they will cut him because anyone would be crazy to let him get anywhere near that finale. He’d win way too easily.

7. Angela Perkins. Angela moves up this week because she won immunity and she stirred up trouble for Michael. But she can’t go any higher than this because she stirring up trouble for Michael didn’t make much sense. He was one of the only people willing to work with her and she did that to him. And he didn’t even get voted out. So she really bought herself nothing with those game moves.

8. Desiree Afuye. I continue to going back and forth with Desiree. She is terrible at challenges, but she knows what needs to be done in the game. And she was instrumental in getting Libby out, but was Libby really that much of a threat? Regardless, she controlled the vote this past week, so that counts for something.

9. Jenna Bowman. And I still have very little to say about Jenna. She’s still there. That’s all I can say.

10. Sebastian Noel. Sebastian continues to slip into the background. He just hasn’t done anything to warrant him moving up to a higher spot than this. I really wish I had more to say about him, but I just don’t.

11. Chelsea Townsend. And speaking of having nothing to say, here we have Chelsea. She was cast for Survivor Ghost Island. She is still in the game. That’s all I know.

How would you rank the reaming 11 Survivor Season 36 players?


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