Survivor 2018: Power Rankings Week 7

Survivor 2018 merge is upon us, so that means the Power Rankings after this week are going to change drastically. Or at least I think they will. Now is when the game really starts, and people start looking at endgame and playing more for themselves.

There are 13 castaways remaining in the Survivor Ghost Island game, so lets get to the rankings to see how they all fared during the past week.

The criteria for the rankings include how well players have performed during challenges, alliances they’ve formed and any strategy we’ve seen. Any powers they’ve obtained also come into play. I don’t give a lot of weight to who may or may not be a target (this isn’t who is most likely to not go home next, so keep that in mind). Let’s get to it.

Survivor 2018 Ghost Island Power Rankings Week 7

1. Domenick Abbate. Domenick finally reaches our No. 1 spot and for good reason. He not only has a Survivor hidden immunity idol, but he has the legacy advantage which can be played this coming week. And with his war with Chris raging on, it could come in hand this week. So he’s clearly the most powerful person in the game at the moment.

2. Donathan Hurley. Donathan keeps hold of the second spot, because he has done wonders with his social game. The only person who even seemed to not be tight with Donathan got voted out last week. I’m curious to see how it plays out after the merge, but so far it’s been an impressive game he’s played. Definitely well-deserving of this high up on the rankings.

3. Kellyn Bechtold. Kellyn moves up a spot because after managing to survive all those tribal councils, she now has the vote stealing power after her last trip to Ghost Island. I’ve struggled to find a female player this season that is a standout and I think we finally have that in Kellyn.

4. Wendell Holland. Wendell continues to climb in the rankings, which isn’t something I expected to happen right at merge. I thought he’d be a target really soon. And he still might be, but now he has a bit of a backup plan with the immunity idol he found last week in the form of Erik’s idol necklace that he gave away, which lead to him getting voted out in his first season of Survivor.

5. Michael Yarger. All the guys who danced around the bottom of the list all season are up here in the Top 5. Like I said above, this will all change soon, but for now this is how it is. Michael also has a hidden immunity idol once again. This time, it’s Ozzy’s F-ing stick that has been gaining power on Ghost Island for the past 10 years and now has the power of an immunity idol (according to the new Survivor folklore they introduced last week). Maybe Michael will use this  one better than he did the first one.

6. Chris Noble. I’m pretty sure Chris will be going home really soon, but then again, he’s been so untouchable all season, he’ll probably win individual immunity and be just fine. That’s why I’m not dropping him any lower than 6th (especially considering that last week he was in first place in our rankings).


7. Jenna Bowman. Jenna holds onto the middle as she’s still going on points she earned a few weeks ago when she used Sebastian as a shield that saved her from an almost certain elimination.

8. Laurel Johnson. Laurel remains one to watch. She’s still always very aware of what’s going on and she knows exactly how to handle problematic people. I think we’ll see her climbing these rankings very soon.

9. Sebastian Noel. Sebastian holds onto this spot because he’s a strong player and has been useful, but hasn’t been at the center of much lately, so there’s not much to rank him on at the moment.

10. Chelsea Townsend. There’s still not much to say about Chelsea, which means she’s doing something right, even if it is currently coming off as kind of a non-player.

11. Desiree Afuye. Desiree dropped after flopping in a challenge for her tribe, but now that the Malolo curse is broken (haha), she has a chance to get back in the game. Will she be able to do it?

12. Angela Perkins. Angela is a confusing one to rank. She has been a target a few times, but is still in the game, so that says something. And she seems to have her head on pretty straight, despite some missteps. I moved her up one spot because I think Libby has earned the very bottom spot.

13. Libby Vincek. Libby sinks to the very end because everyone finds her to be a dirty player. I feel like we’re missing a little something there, but she’s definitely done anything to benefit her social game.

How would you rank the reaming 13 Survivor Season 36 players?


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