Survivor 2019 Edge of Extinction Player Rankings Week 2

Now that we are through our second week of Survivor 2019, we can take a look at how everyone is playing. Week one everyone is still on the same level, so it’s a bit harder. But now we have a much better idea. So let’s go! We are going to rank each tribe instead of all castaways as a whole group.

Manu Tribe

1. Wardog. Right now it’s Wardog who is kind of pulling the strings. After the second Tribal Council vote, his power became more apparent. Wentworth was all but toast, but it is assumed that Wardog went to, well war, for her.

2. Chris. I‘m going to put Chris at No. 2 because he’s very valuable to them as a strong guy and since they aren’t winning any challenges, they need him around.

3. Rick. I don’t like putting him at No. 3, but he’s right in the middle and no one realizes it. So he’s in a good spot at the moment.

4. Lauren. Not only has she been laying kind of low and staying out of the drama, she has a hidden immunity idol. So technically she’s the most powerful person in the game as far as that goes, but the three guys ahead of her have actually been playing the game a bit more.

5. David. As far as the returnees go, David is holding his own. He hasn’t been mentioned as a threat, but Kelley has. He’s done a great job of blending in.

6. Kelley. I struggled with whether or not to put Wendy above Kelley, since they are the two people most targeted, but I think Kelley escaping elimination this week says more about her game than what Wendy staying says about hers.

7. Wendy. She is just kind of a sloppy player and all over the place. Loyal, sure. But that hasn’t gotten her in a good position in the game.

Kama Tribe

1. Joe. I’m just going to put Joe at the top. He is literally winning all the competitions for them like typical Joe fashion. And as of now, he’s not the biggest target on the tribe.

2. Eric. And right by Joe’s side in all the challenges is Eric. He has definitely been pulling his weight, all the while be pretty woke on what’s up with the returning players.

3. Victoria. I like her. She seems to know exactly what is going on in the game. Hopefully she gets a chance to prove it to everyone else.

4. Gavin. The sweet southern boy charm is working for him, and it might work a bit longer if he plays his cards right.

5. Julie. I like that Julie is actually pushing for the women to work harder and prove that they can hang with what has always seemed like the Survivor boys club.

6. Ron. Even though Ron’s energy is a bit much, he seems to be in a good spot in the game. And he has that Survivor Menu that lets him use an advantage by the next Tribal. If the power lasted longer I would have ranked him higher.

7. Julia. I can’t say a ton about Julia at the moment. She’s sort of a victim of editing at the moment.

8. Aurora. Same thing here. We should get to know her a little more soon.

9. Aubry. Unfortunately Aubry is playing too hard and they’ve all figured it out already.

How would you rank the Survivor Edge of Extinction players?


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