Survivor 2019: Island Of The Idols Player Rankings Week 2

This week we saw the Survivor 2019 castaways play the second week of the season, and I must say, these people came to play. I can’t recall the last time a cast playing so hard, and dare I say well, so soon.

So let’s take a look at how the 18 remaining castaways stack up after Week 2 of Survivor Island of the Idols. We will keep the rankings divided by tribes until the merge.

Lairo Tribe

1. Chelsea Walker. Not only is Chelsea pulling her weight around camp while killing the social game, she also randomly found a hidden immunity idol. It looked like she wasn’t even really looking and just kind of stumbled onto it. Regardless, she now has that up her sleeve, giving her the most power on her tribe currently.

2. Elaine Stott. Elaine falls a spot this week, but only because of Chelsea’s idol. Last week Elaine was on the chopping block, but everyone loves her so much she ended up getting no votes cast against her. And this week we saw her take the lead several different times with her tribe. She’s shaping up to be a pretty solid contender.

3. Missy Bird. I’m loving these female power players this season. Missy really has a grip on what’s up and down in this season, and I think we can expect good things from her.

4. Tom Laidlow. Tom is doing a pretty good job of keeping the peace among his tribe and he’s also got several strong allies going to bat for him.

5. Dean Kowalski. We haven’t gotten much from Dean yet, but he’s your typical strong alpha-ish male who is important to have around for challenges.

6. Vince Moua. I am surprised I’m ranking Vince ahead of some of the others, but after this past week, I can tell he has his head in the game. He might need to work on his social game, but he’s been holding his own.

7. Karishma Patel. We have seen almost nothing from her, but since I have nothing negative to say, she ranks higher than the bottom two.

8. Elizabeth Beisel. The fact that she thought she could beat Boston Rob at making fire is definitely why I have to rank her low. She has time to redeem herself though, unlike Aaron …

9. Aaron Meredith. Aaron was blindsided last week when Ronnie left, and he hasn’t seemed to be able to recover from that. He is surely on the outs of his alliance and I don’t see him making it very much longer.

Vokai Tribe

1. Kellee Kim. When Kellee learned what her Island of the Idols test was going to be I was sure she was going to fail. But she passed the test and earned the first idol from Sandra and Rob. And the way she handled it back at camp (and hiding the idol in HER HAIR) was pretty impressive. I’m not sure why she lied about Rob and Sandra being there since others are going to find out, but she has that idol to protect her now.

2. Lauren Beck. Again, loving the strong women this season … Lauren could’ve just gone with the flow and took out an easy target, but she spoke up and the next thing we know, Molly is voted out, breaking up a strong trio.

3. Tommy Sheehan. After seeing his social game this past week and how he adapted to the vote flip, I think it’s safe to say Tommy is playing a good game. He’s also physical, so he’s a force. But that will also make him a target sooner or later.

4. Jason Linden. I know he was on the outs and had votes against him this week, but I was impressed with how he played it all to his advantage. I’m not sure he’ll make a Top 5 every again this season, but I think this week he earned it.

5-6. Janet Carbin and Dan Spilo. These two just kind of went with the flow this past week, but voting with the majority, edges them above the others below.

7. Jack Nichting. Jack’s powerful trio has been broken up, but I don’t think his game is over by any means. He remained humble, unlike Jamal, who could be in trouble.

8. Noura Salman. I’m not sure if I should rank her this low or if she should be like No. 3 after making it through this past week. But honestly, she’s playing terribly so even if that gets her dragged along farther into the game, it’s still bad gameplay.

9. Jamal Shipman. Jamal lands in the last spot on this tribe simply because he was really arrogant and then was totally blindsided. He now is at the bottom of his tribe, and could find himself in danger if they end up at Tribal again.


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