Survivor 2020 Finale: Survivor 40 Winner Revealed 5/13/2020

Who won Survivor 2020? We will soon find out. Yes, we are ready for the final results of the Survivor 2020 season as Jeff Probst will reveal who won Winners at War. Will it be Tony, Sarah, Ben, Michele, Denise or someone from the Edge of Extinction? Before we get to the final vote we’ve got some challenges to get to and a few more castaways to vote off.

The show will run longer than usual tonight as the finale event lasts from 8/7c until around 11/10c so settle in for our live recap and results coverage right here. We will be updating you on all the drama and results all night long.

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Survivor 2020 Finale: Edge of Extinction Challenge

First up tonight we will get to see which of the previously eliminated players wins their way back into the game. And since Natalie had so many fire tokens, she bought three advantages. So needless to say, no one stood a chance against her. Right? But it wasn’t that easy. She had a bit of a choking moment and Rob caught up with her for a second. And then Wendell, Rob and Sophie passes her up. Natalie eventually catches back up, and takes the win anyway! She will return to the game. It turns out her advantages didn’t even help her that much.

Survivor 2020 Finale: Immunity Challenge – Round 1

Immunity is back up for grabs. We’ve got our first immunity challenge of the night, so let’s get to it! Who will get one step closer to the title of Sole Survivor this season? Michele was in last place and comes from behind and wins immunity!

Survivor 2020 Finale: Tribal Council – Round 1

Who will be the first person sent packing tonight and who will survive another round? Let’s get to the votes and find out!

But first there’s some idols played! Natalie plays her. Tony plays his. Ben plays his.

Natalie, Natalie, Natalie, Natalie, Ben, Ben … time to revote. It’s only between Sarah and Denise.

The second votes: Denise, Denise, Denise. Denise is voted out. 

And now we get ready to do it all over again as they continue to cut the finalists down to that final 3 for the finale!

Idol watch: Natalie finds the rebidden idol!

Survivor 2020 Finale: Immunity Challenge – Round 2

Who will take the immunity this round? Tony wins immunity! 

Survivor 2020 Finale: Tribal Council – Round 2

Now we get to find out who makes it into the Final 3. Natalie plays the idol she found, of course. Let’s get to the vote.

The votes: Ben, Michele, Ben, Michele, Ben. Ben is voted out. 

Survivor 2020 Finale: Final Immunity Challenge

For the last time, immunity is back up for grabs. Who will win their spot into the Final 3? Tony is out of the challenge first. Sarah is out next. Michele is out next. Natalie wins immunity and makes it into the Final 3.

Final Tribal Council

Natalie decides to pick Michele to sit next to her. Tony and Sarah must make fire for the final spot. And Tony wins the fire-making challenge! The final 3 are Natalie, Michele and Tony!

Survivor 2020 Finale: Winner Revealed

Jeff reads the votes: Tony, Natalie, Natalie, Tony, Natalie, Tony, Natalie, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony … TONY IS THE WINNER OF SURVIVOR 40! 

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