Survivor Nicaragua Episode 13: Sash Wins Immunity, Chase Gets Reward and Benry Goes Out

I’m really sick of Sash on Survivor Nicaragua.  He still thinks he is king of the jungle and personally, I hate that.  Everyone lets him get away with all his backstabbing and running from one group to the other.  I felt sorry for him at first when Chase didn’t ask him to go on the reward because that was pretty crappy of Chase but after he played Fabio’s alliance, I was fine with it lol.

Did anyone else think the reward challenge was kind of lame?  I mean this is Survivor and you’re going to reuse challenges that’s already been done in THIS season?  Come on!   Get some creativity and a new game Jeez!  The actual reward was nice!  A shower, food, massage and a comfortable place to sleep.  If I was out there?  Yeah I’d fight hard for that one lol.  Chase wins and picks his two women to go share in the reward.  At least he recognized his bad decision in not asking Sash to go.  It would have served him right if Sash had let him sweat it just a little instead of kissing his @$$.  I’m not sure why Chase always runs to the women.  I understand why he took Holly but he is so not thinking straight to take Jane.  Maybe he’s a little insecure around other guys or something.

Back at camp everyone decides to eat Jane’s chicken.  This is understandable to me.  They’re starving and probably a little bitter not to go on the reward.  Jane is heartbroken.  She cries and digs a grave.  Give me a freaking break!

The immunity challenge was the same ole same ole with trying to go over and under a beam to get a rope unwound and released.  Fabio does great with this part of the challenge but when he has to put the gold coin puzzle together he was clueless lol.  There’s the blonde hair coming out lol.  He was looking around, watching Sash and figures out what he needs to do and makes it a close race but Sash prevails and wins Individual Immunity. 

Survivor producers did a great job editing the show to make it look like Fabio was going home but in the end Benry gets blindsided.  I was starting to get worried!  He better step it up and start winning or he is for sure gone next week!  Go Fabio!  LOL

Best line of the show is when the jury walks in and Jeff says “and our two quitters, NaOnka and Kelly”.  That Rocked!  What did you think of the episode?


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