Survivor One World Episode 1 Recap: Playing Dirty Right Away

It didn’t take long at all for the Survivor One World game to get dirty.

Right after Jeff Probst told the 18 castaways that the two tribes would be women vs. men, the two tribes were told they had 60 seconds to strip what they could from the truck they rode in on and while the women were busy pulling of what they could, Michael fron the men’s tribe was busy stealing their items, including an important axe. That might be the fastest dirty move I’ve seen in a competition show in a long time.

The women realized someone took some of their stuff, but there wasn’t anything they could do about it. Except maybe get even. And they do.

As the two tribes make their way to their camps, we start getting to know them a little. There are some strong women (Sabrina and Alicia) obviously, but there are a couple weak links (Kourtney). As for the guys, we get the typical studly male model types (led by King D-bag Matt)¬†mixed in with the unassuming guys and the token gay (Colton). (If you’re like me and it takes you weeks to figure out who everyone is, you can check out our Survivor One World Cast list.

So as each team nears their camp, they learn the other twist, the whole “One World” part. They’re actually sharing a camp. So the men, deemed the Manono tribe, and the women, the Salani tribe, will have to make it work one way or the other.

Remember the part where the men stole from the women? The women get their chance for revenge. They beat the men to catching some chickens and decide not to share. Unless they’ll strike up a bargain. The men aren’t having it, so the only thing the women get is the gratification of catching the chickens before the men.

Later, the tribes have forgotten about the chickens and the focus turns to fire. The Manono tribe had no problem starting their fire, but the Salani tribe has had no luck. They even attempt to steal some of the opposing tribe’s fire in the night, but it doesn’t quite work out.

The next day, Christina tries to strike a bargain with the guys. She’ll offer something to them in exchange for their skills at starting a fire. Alicia does not like what she’s seeing out of Christina and decides she needs to be the first to go.

Sabrina lucks into finding the immunity idol, but her luck is short lived when she realizes she has to give it to someone from the Manono tribe. Colton has deemed himself one of the girls, despite being on opposing teams and scores the idol from Sabrina. Is Colton really just “one of the girls” or is he playing a better game than one might think right away? Looks like we might find out next week.

At the immunity challenge, the Manono tribe are poised to win and then Kourtney breaks her wrist. She’s taken out of the game and the guys are given the option to take the immunity and send the girls to Tribal Council or continue the game and see how it plays out later.

They choose the immunity, so someone from the Salani Tribe will be the first to go.

At the Tribal Council, Alicia lets out her Christina dislike, throwing her under the bus, which leads to some shouting, which leads us to the conclusion that their tribe has no structure and is dooming themselves for failure. Jeff tells them that Kourtney will not be returning to the game and therefore, no one else will be voted off this week.

What are your first impressions? Who do you like so far? Who don’t you like? Who do you think is going to play the best game?


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