Survivor One World Episode 4 Recap: A Bold or Stupid Move?

Survivor One World Colton

The Manono Tribe made history on Survivor One World last night when the members decided to give up immunity and go to Tribal Council.

I hate Bill as much as the next guy, but was that move really necessary and/or worth it? King Colton got what he wanted though. But what he might not have wanted was to turn America against him with his elitist ignorance.

Before we go any further, let’s back up to the beginning of the show. Bill was on the target right from the start, of course, because Colton can’t stand him. And since Colton is somehow ruling the game currently, that seems to be the way the rest of the guys are leaning as well. But none of that matters until the Immunity Challenge plays out.

The guys decide to try to work with the women again by offering to use their net to catch some fish and share the catches with them. But the women continue to be hardcore and won’t budge with anything the men want. Despite the men sharing their fire and shelter with them. But whatever, the men are growing more and more stupid each day, so they don’t deserve anyone’s help.

Further proof of their growing stupidity at the Reward Challenge. A sexist man might say that the Reward Challenge was designed for a man. Let’s see. You use a giant slingshot to sling coconuts into a giant board to knock out blocks. The first team to kockout blocks in a traditional Bingo formula wins. That’s pretty physical. But the guys suck and the women win their third challenge in a row.

After being given three choices of rewards (a tarp, some blankets and pillows or some coffee and donuts), the Salani Tribe picks the tarp. Smart move considering they all wanted to kill themselves after that last storm.

Back at the Manono camp, Leif decides to tell Bill he’s on everyone’s radar, which is a direct betrayal for his alliance of five. Still mourning the loss of his bromance with fellow rooster Matt, Michael is afraid he’s got a target on his back, so he decides he’ll throw Leif under the bus for what he told Bill.

At the Immunity Challenge, the survivors must work tied together as pairs. Each pair has to run a mini obstacle course, put together a puzzle and snag a key that will help unlock one of three locks to release their tribal flag to declare the winner.

The guys get an immediate lead and the girls revert back to week one and suck hardcore. They even look at the same puzzles the guys complete to help with their own game and still can’t do it. And it’s pretty much all Alicia’s fault. So they lose the game and it seems the Salanis have their sights on Alicia for the night’s Tribal Council vote.

The guys have won immunity, but there isn’t much celebration going on back at camp. Bill decides to find out why Colton was putting him at the top of the list for elimination and Colton wasn’t having it. Colton refuses to talk to people he hates, we’ve learned, so Bill can’t get him to have an adult conversation about it. Colton calls Bill “wishy-washy” and Bill calls Colton a “stuck-up brat.” What is this, church camp? Let’s get some real fighting!

So Bill continues to seal his fate. After all that Colton decides it would be like totally awesome to give the women the immunity idol and go to Tribal Council with the other Manano men and vote Bill out. But Tarzan thinks Leif should be the one to go since he betrayed his alliance when he told Bill what the plan was earlier.

Or was that all just a ploy to get Bill to agree to Tribal Council? Yeah. King Colton set it all up that way and so the men head off to Tribal Council with the facade that Leif is going to be punished for his betrayal.

Jeff is stunned to see them show up and tells them that in 24 seasons no Tribe has won immunity and still ended up at Tribal Council. That’s because it’s a stupid move!

During the meeting, Colton and Bill go at it. We find out that Colton is one of those “some of my best friends are (fill in the blank here)” when it comes to African-Americans. So the race card comes up. I don’t really think Colton’s issue with Bill has anything to do with his race. I think it’s simply the fact that Colton is an entitled asshole. Or at least he’s “playing one on TV.”

So the votes come in and Bill has been eliminated. Colton smirks as he plan has been completed.


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