Survivor One World: Episode 6 Recap

Survivor 2012 Colton exits

If karma is a real thing then she paid a visit to Survivor One World this week.

King Colton’s Survivor 2012 reign ended this week and it wasn’t because of a Tribal Council vote. After weeks of somehow controlling the game and bullying people, Colton was carried out on a stretcher in what can only seem like some sort of payback.

I’d never wish bad health on anyone, but since I can pretend like all the people on my TV screen aren’t real, it was pretty easy to watch Colton’s Survivor dreams fall apart as he’s carted off like a bag of trash.

What? Too harsh? No way. But only because just moments earlier he was taunting and tormenting Christina. So the timing was pretty right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it) to help Survivor viewers from feeling sympathetic.

And the only thing more satisfying than watching Colton leave the game was learning that he decided not to give Alicia his immunity idol and that she, being as big an a-hole as Colton, will likely be one of the next ones going home. I’d love to see Christina personally ship Alicia off the island for all the horrible treatment she’s given her. Disgusting people Alicia and Colton are in this game.

Earlier in the episode … well, hm. I was about to shift gears, but basically the only thing that happened all night was Colton and Alicia bullying Christina. So let me get to the reward challenge.

The tribes are playing for a trip to a Survivor-style ice cream parlor. And of course Colton screams and tells Christina how much she sucks during the game even though he never scored a single point himself. Needless to say, the Salani Tribe wins the challenge and the ice cream party.

Colton and Alicia continue to harass Christina.

Pretty soon Colton starts feeling bad. He’s got pains shooting through his stomach. He’s dehydrated and he can barely move. Tarzan basically says he has appendicitis but no one believes Tarzan because he’s kind of crazy.

Jeff comes in with some medics and they decide Colton does in fact have appendicitis and must be flown to a hospital for surgery. Which is kind of ironic since earlier he mentioned Christina jumping in the fire and being medevacked off the island.

So that means Colton will be out of the game. Jeff tells him he has the option to give the idol to someone else but Colton decides to keep it as a souvenir. Alicia is immediately furious and shows her true colors by ignoring how close the two of them had become while bullying everyone and deciding she hates Colton. Nasty, ugly person she is.

Both tribes get the notice that usually prepares them for the immunity challenge, but instead it just calls them all to Tribal Council.

Everyone is speculating what’s going on and wondering if they’ll be forced to vote some off. The Manono Tribe wisely decides to go with Alicia, but as it turns out, there will be no vote.

Jeff fills everyone in on what happened with Colton and then drops the news that they’re now merged. One tribe, one camp, One World. Now things get interesting.


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