Survivor Power Rankings: Winners At War Week 5

The remaining Survivor 2020 castaways were faced with a swap this week, drastically changing the game for a number of them. These new dynamics are sure to change the game moving forward, and they have definitely changed our Power Rankings.

So now that the tribes have shuffled and Boston Rob is off to the Edge of Extinction, how do the others stack up? Let’s take a look. We will keep them divided by tribes until the merge.

Survivor 2020 Week 5 Power Rankings

Dakal (Red)

1. Sandra. By all means Sandra should be the target on this tribe, but is she? She comes in first because she doesn’t seem to be a target and she has the hidden immunity idol for at least one more trip to Tribal Council.

2. Denise. She comes in second because of her hidden immunity idol. Right now those are where all the power comes from.

3. Kim. She has suddenly gone from the bottom to No. 3. The new tribe was definitely what she needed to get out of her low spot, and based on this week’s episode, she now has a full idol. This is the tribe of powers.

4. Jeremy. As I just said, this is the tribe of powers and Jeremy still has his. That allows him to leave tribal council if he feels he’s in danger.

5. Tony. And since Tony has no powers, that automatically puts him at the bottom. If this fives goes to tribal before merge, this could be crazy and won’t look good for Tony.

Sele (Blue)

1. Yul. For now, Yul is going to hold onto his tribe’s top spot. I think he will be in danger soon, but he came into this swap with Wendell and Nick, so that should make them the strongest at the moment.

2. Nick. I’m going to put Nick in second, because he just seems to be the one person really flying under and isn’t coming off as threatening at all. That could get him very far this season.

3. Wendell. The guys round out the Top 3, but only because they have the majority. Don’t count out the women if they find themselves in trouble next week.

4. Parvati. I don’t want to rank Parvati this low, but the swap basically screwed her. She no longer has Rob either. She does have three fire tokens now, but I’m not sure those are even worth anything at this point unless you’re lucky enough to have someone on the Edge of Extinction win the challenge and pick you.

5. Michele. I gladly place Michele in last place because I’m still not over the stupid move to vote out Ethan. But also, because that’s just how this stacks up at the moment. I do think Parvati would go over her, but Parvati has played a better game so far.

Yara (Green)

1. Sophie. She took a big gamble this week trusting everyone to vote Rob and it paid off. So she now has a full idol in her possession and saved herself and Sarah this week without having to use it.

2. Sarah. It looks like she and Sophie are going to be in control. Sarah has that steal-a-vote, too so those two have nothing to worry about on this tribe.

3. Ben. It hurts me to not put him at the bottom, but I think Ben is playing the right kind of snake game that will keep him safe for a long time.

4. Adam. He has had too many missteps to rank him higher than Ben at this point. And that is very painful to me.

How would you rank the remaining Survivor 40 players after week 5?



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