Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 3/29/2017

We’ve got the latest results of who was voted off Survivor last night as the remaining castaways faced off in another round of competitions for reward and safety. After last week’s shocking Tribal Council there was plenty of stress and drama back at the camps to kick off this week.

Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council
Jeff Probst at Survivor Tribal Council – Source: CBS

We’ve still got the three tribes configuration and no merge or second shuffle coming this time. Instead we’re be getting back to the Survivor basics this week without any twisty twists, but of course you never know with Game Changers. Let’s see what happens!

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JT is in a bad spot here as he’s the obvious target over what fell apart for Nuku at the last Tribal Council so the pressure is on for him to start digging again for an Idol. I don’t expect Sandra to let this matter go and the tribe will have no reason to go against her on this move if it comes to another Nuku TC. But guess what?

Hidden Immunity Idol:

JT is searching around for something to keep him safe when he finds a clue to the Idol. It leads him back to camp and with the other castaways gone he gets to dig and sure enough, there’s a Hidden Immunity Idol! He’s gonna need this sooner or later. Probably sooner.

Reward Challenge – Survivor 2017 Week 4:

Tribes are playing for the reward of PB&J along with milk and cookies. Looks good! They’ll be running an obstacle course while balancing wobbly balls then solving a puzzle. First done gets the big pile of food and second place still walks away with sandwiches of their own.

Castaways make quick work of snagging the tools and digging for balls. Ozzy of course makes a quick dash across the balance beam but his lead is wasted as Cirie continues to dig for the second round’s ball. They’re okay now and make it to the final stage with a huge lead.

It’s Mana and Nuku fighting to catch up as Zeke works the puzzle but then Debbie is blowing it for Mana. Nuku is soon working on the puzzle after Tavua finishes first and Mana struggles to get through the balancing act. Too late. Nuku finishes their slide puzzle and it’s game over for Mana.

On the way out we hear Debbie blaming their loss on Brad saying he assigned people to roles instead of letting the group plan. Survivor cuts back to show us that Debbie volunteered for the balancing portion saying she was good at that. So Debbie blows it and blames Brad. Get ready for the fireworks.

Hidden Idol – Part Deux:

Tai goes hunting for the next Idol since he used the other one. Soon he finds a clue that tells him to soak a board to discover a logo. Below the marked board will be the next Idol. Before we see if he finds anything it’s time for the next challenge.


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