Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 4/19/2017

Now we’re ready to see who will be voted off in the second half of Week 7’s Survivor double header.

Survivor 2017 Week 7 Reward Challenge – Round 2:

The merged tribe will be split in to teams where they’ll head out in to the water to collect wooden fish, drag them back, and assemble the puzzle. Teams are schoolyard picks. Reward will be a day trip to the spa along with a big ol’ meal. Yum.

Red – Sierra picks: Brad, Sarah, Aubry, Michaela, Cirie
Blue – Andrea picks: Tai, Ozzy, Troyzan, Zeke, Debbie

Red and Blue are pretty even on the fish net drag, but Red gets the lead after Tai and Andrea move too slowly loading the fish on the beach. Red has the lead with the puzzle, but Blue is working hard to recover as Zeke and Debbie are working the puzzle for Blue against Cirie and Sierra on Red.

Andrea, Tai, Ozzy, Troyzan, Zeke and Debbie win Reward!

Survivor 2017 Week 7 Immunity Challenge – Round 2:

We’ve got the Survivor classic of the pole hugger. They’ll climb a telephone and hang on for dear life. Jeff points out that Ozzy has never lost this challenge.

They’re dropping like flies. Cirie, Brad, and Aubry are out quick then there comes Debbie along with Zeke. Next comes Troyzan and Sarah. That leaves behind Michaela, Andrea, Tai, and Ozzy in the running. Scratch Michaela and then Andrea takes a huge fall from the top but luckily doesn’t break anything.

It’s down to Tai and Ozzy. We hit the one-hour mark here. Make that 95 mins. Wow. Oh no, Ozzy slides off and is dethroned!

Tai wins Immunity!

Survivor 2017 Week 7 Tribal Council – Round 2:

Back at camp Zeke is trying to turn the game and bring a war against Andrea as he tells Sierra she’s the target. Word spreads and Zeke is looking foolish. Sierra is stressing it while Debbie suggests they vote out Ozzy. Will it be Ozzy, Zeke, or a surprise third option?

Before Jeff can tally the votes Debbie announces she’ll use her extra vote. We know she was going for Ozzy but had hoped to not need to use her power.

Jeff reveals the votes: Ozzy, Zeke, Sierra, Aubry, Zeke, Ozzy, Zeke, Ozzy, Zeke, Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy.
(Note: Debbie wasted her power as the votes were up enough over votes against Zeke.)

Ozzy was voted off Survivor and will join the Jury.

Survivor Tournament: A New “Heroes Vs. Villains”

The Ultimate Survivor Tournament is a bracket-style game hosted by CBS in their All Access service that features fan-favorite castaways who span the history of Survivor. These 32 castaways are divided into two groups: heroes and villains.

Round 3 has begun, and will last for the next week. Every player has a chance to choose who will advance to the next round and who will be “voted out” of the bracket. The power is yours! Vote NOW and make your own Tribal Council pick!

What did you think of the Survivor 2017 results? Did the tribe make the right choice in their votes? Share your thoughts below!

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