Survivor 2018: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 5/2/2018

Tonight on Survivor 2018 we saw two people walk away with safety from the Immunity Challenge, two separate Tribal Councils go down, and two more people get voted out.

Keep in mind that there are still three hidden immunity idols in the game. Domenick, Wendell and Donathan each have one up their sleeves. Kellyn also still has her extra vote power that she won on Ghost Island. So with the dramatic night ahead, we can most likely expect some of those idols and powers to be flushed out.

So who is going to end up with immunity and who will have to use their hidden immunity idol? We’ll know soon enough. So here we go!

First up tonight we’ve got Domenick who stumbled onto the authentic fake Idol David tricked Jay with in Millennials vs. Gen X. It hasn’t matured into an actual idol like the other finds this season, but Domenick can use it to fool someone just like its first appearance on Survivor.

Survivor 2018 Immunity Challenge

For this challenge, the players are going to pull up on a bar, clamping a ball between two sets of jaws. If the ball drops, they’re out. And Jeff Probst reveals that two people will win immunity and two people will be voted out tonight in two separate Tribal Councils.

They’re going to draw for two temporary tribes. So one person from each tribe will win immunity. And no Ghost Island this time.

Temporary Tribes:

Orange: Micahel, Laurel, Domenick, Wendell and Kellyn

Purple: Chelsea, Sebastian, Jenna, Angela and Donathan.

Kellyn is the first person out. Michael is the second person out. Donathan and Laurel drop next. Sebasitan is out next followed by Jenna. That leaves only Domenick and Wendell on orange and Chelsea and Angela for purple.

Angela drops and Chelseas wins individual immunity for purple. Wendell is the last person to drop, so Domenick wins immunity for orange. That means the purple five will go to Tribal Council first.

First Tribal Council

The plan seems to be to vote Jenna, but Jenna thinks she pulled the wool over Donathan’s eyes because he asked her if she’d write Sebastian’s name down so he can use the idol on her. She agrees, but tells us Donathan is “an idiot” and she will vote him out instead.

Let’s get to the votes. But first Donathan decides to play his Idol. On himself. Not Jenna.

Votes: Donathan, Sebastian, Jenna, Jenna. Jenna is voted out!

Second Tribal Council

This one is pretty obvious. It’s going to be Michael. Let’s just get to the votes.

Votes: Kellyn, Wendell, Laurel, Michael, Michael, Laurel (Kellyn used her spare vote). There’s a tie. Revote time.

Vote #2: Michael, Michael, Michael is voted out.

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