Survivor 2018: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 3/14/2018

Survivor 2018 S36 Episode 03

Last night on Survivor 2018, Naviti and Malolo faced off in two challenges, one for reward and one for immunity. And with two hidden immunity idols in play, there was a lot of potential for some drama. So who was voted off Survivor? Read on for the results.

At the start of the episode, we’ve got to see the fallout from the last Tribal Council. Domenick and Wendell were feeling pretty alone since they voted for Angela to go instead of Morgan, and of course Angela is not happy with the two of them.

Domenick reveals to Wendell that he has the idol, and then before the first challenge, Domenick discovers he now has the legacy advantage, thanks to Morgan.

Reward Challenge

Jeff welcomed back Chris and introduced the two tribes to their reward challenge, and it’s called Water Slaughter. It was a safer take on the classic competition where the players have to keep each other from crossing finish lines, or touches poles (you know the drill). The first tribe to score three points wins. That was a fun one to watch, and less cringe-worthy, as all the body slamming was done in the water.

The reward was peanut butter, jelly, bread and milk. And they get to send someone to Ghost Island this time instead of after the other challenge. Oh, and this time, they’re told that the person will be back before the immunity challenge and won’t be safe this week.

The reward challenge starts and Chris scores the first point for Naviti. Angela scores the next point, also for Naviti. So it’s 2-0 right away. Bradley scores a point for Malolo, so now it’s 2-1. Libby scores the next point, giving Naviti 3 points and the win! They win reward and decide to have Malolo draw rocks for Ghost Island. Kellyn draws the winning rock and heads off to Ghost Island.

Ghost Island

Kellyn arrives at Ghost Island and tells us being isolated on an island was her biggest Survivor fear. And it’s her turn to smash an urn. This week she does get to play the game. She follows the fire to the Ghost Island Game of Chance. She discovers that if she wins she will win an advantage, but if she loses she won’t be able to vote at the next tribal. She decides not to play the game so she can keep her vote. So she gets no advantage and settles in for a little isolation.

Immunity Challenge

Once again immunity is back up for grabs! For this challenge, the players had to go out to the water, and get to their submerged cages, climb into them and untie the door to the cage to release a trunk. Then they had to drag the chest back to shore, unlock it and get balls out of it. They then had to throw the balls up onto a narrow ledge. First tribe to get five balls on the ledge wins.

Malolo took the lead early while Naviti struggled. Malolo held onto the lead while Naviti continued to struggle most of the game. Malolo gets so far ahead, Naviti didn’t stand a chance. Or did they? Naviti managed to catch up and actually pulled it off! Naviti won immunity in an insane comeback!

Tribal Council

Bradley and the other five, decided they should go for Michael or Brendan. The plan was to make the original Malolo think they would be taking out a girl, but then blindside them by taking out a guy. But what were the original four planning? They decide to all vote for Bradley, and hope that Michael’s idol can help send Bradley home.

After the four tried their best to put a target on Bradley, Michael pulls out his idol. He tells the others that he can save two people and that the others should switch their votes to Bradley to save themselves. In the end, Michael plays the idol for himself and Stephanie. Did he make the right decision?

The votes: Bradley, Bradley, Bradley, Bradley, Brendan, Brendan, Brendan, Brendan, Brendan. Brendan is the fourth person voted off Survivor 2018.

Michael almost pulled it off, but he used the idol on the wrong person.

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