Survivor 2018: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 4/11/2018

It was one big happy family in Wednesday night’s Survivor 2018 episode as the three tribes came together in the Merge! Happiness can’t last forever though in this game, so who was voted off Survivor last night? Read on for the results.

Going into Merge, there were 13 Survivor castaways remaining. There were also two hidden immunity idols in play, and two special powers (Domenick’s Legacy Advantage and Kellyn’s Steal-A-Vote). Things are about to get interesting on Survivor Ghost Island.

Survivor 2018 Week 7: Tribe Merge

First up we’re going to get right to the merge! It looks like we don’t get the usual “Welcome to your challenge … wait, no, drop your buffs, it’s time for Merge” from Jeff Probst this time. Instead, the two other tribes show up via boat to Naviti’s beach where they offer each other greetings and hugs before reading a message to make their way to the other side of the island for a celebration. It’s Merge!

The new buffs are black and the new tribe name is Lavita! And Chris picked up a buff with a secret message in it. He goes to check out the message but there’s a catch: he has to sneak off to Ghost Island!

Ghost Island

Chris gets up in the middle of the night to sneak off to Ghost Island. He gets off the island without anyone knowing and arrives to Ghost Island for the second time. And he finds J.T.’s hidden immunity idol from Survivor Game Changers. But it’s only good at the next tribal council unless he gives up his vote at the next tribal. If so, he can play a game to increase the life of the idol.

He decides to take the risk. He gives up his vote and gets an extra life added to the idol. That means he doesn’t get to vote this time, but has the idol for the next two tribals.

Immunity Challenge

It’s time for the first individual immunity challenge. It’s a balance challenge. They have to stand on a beam and balance a statue on bamboo pole. If thy drop the statue, they’re out. Jenna is out right away, followed by Donathan.

The wind picks up and Desiree and Angela are out. After the first 5 minutes, the remaining players have to move down to the next section of the beam. No one drops their statue during the move. Sebastian is the next to drop.

After 20 minutes in, they have to move to the past section of the beam. Domenick drops the statue during the transition and is out. Michael, Chris, Laurel and Wendell are also out during the transition.

Kellyn, Libby and Chelsea remain. And then Chelsea drops. Libby drops her status and Kellyn wins immunity!

Tribal Council

The Domenick and Chris war rages on, so it sounds like one of them will be going home tonight. Or will they? Desiree has hatched her own plan to get Libby out. So this is going to be a crazy Tribal Council.

Let’s find out who wins this war. Domenick decides to play the Legacy Advantage. And Chris decides not to use his idol.

The Votes: Chris, Chris, Libby, Libby, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris. Chris is voted out of Survivor!

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