Survivor 2018: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 4/18/2018

Wednesday night’s Survivor 2018 gave us two challenges, a trip to Ghost Island and one more person getting their torch snuffed and heading off to Ponderosa where Chris Noble awaits their company. So who was voted off Survivor last night? Read on for the latest results.

The first challenge of the night was the reward challenge, and the castaways played for a chance to visit the Survivor Taco Hut for all kinds of delicious food.

And later, it’s the Immunity Challenge with far less delicious food. Yes, the Survivor classic eating challenge is back with all the typical fare, like sea slugs and fish eyes and grub worms. Yummy!

Keep in mind there are 12 castaways remaining, three hidden immunity idols in play (Domenick, Wendell and Michael all have one) and one special power (Kellyn’s Steal-A-Vote). Things could definitely get interesting tonight.

Survivor Reward Challenge Week 8

First up tonight we’ve got Jeff welcoming the tribe to the beach for their reward challenge. It’s called “Gone Shootin” and here’s how it works: They will divide into two teams of six and players from each team will start on a platform on the ocean. On go, one player will race from the floating bridge to a slingshot on the beach. Then they will grab sandbags and start firing at a group of six targets until they knock over one target. After they knock over one of the targets, they have to go all the way back and tag another player to come up and start firing. They will alternate shooters until one team knocks over all six targets and wins reward.

The two teams are:

  • Orange: Domenick, Kellyn, Michael, Sebasitan, Desiree, Jenna
  • Purple: Wendell, Donathan, Angela, Libby, Laurel, Chelsea

Both teams are neck and neck. And then team purple takes the lead thanks to Wendell and Laurel. Orange almost catches up but purple, I mean Wendell, wins reward! And the winning team has the others draw rocks to find out who goes to Ghost Island. And it’s Jenna.

Ghost Island

Jenna shows up on Ghost Island and it’s her turn to break an urn. And she gets a “Nope, Not Today” message. Ugh, what is the point?

Immunity Challenge

It’s time for the immunity challenge and they have to eat gross stuff!

  • Up first are fish eyes! Michael, Desiree and Laurel move on. Also moving on after eating fish eyes are Angela, Sebastian and Domenick. Wendell didn’t even try.
  • Round 2 is the grub worm! Michael, Sebastian and Angela move on to the next round!
  • Round 3 is sea slugs! They have to eat two. Angela and Michael move on and Sebastian is out.
  • Final round is a huge mother of pearl clam. Angela wins immunity!

Tribal Council

Tonight the only names coming up are Michael, Libby and Wendell. And two of those have idols. It might all be up to what Donathan and Laurel want to do. Do they want to stick with the original Malolo people or go with Wendell and Domenick, who still have several original Naviti backing them? We’ll soon find out. Let’s get to the vote.

Michael plays his hidden immunity idol.

The votes: Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Wendell, Libby, Libby, Libby. Libby is voted out!

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