Survivor 2018: Who Was Voted Off Survivor Last Night? 4/4/2018

Wednesday on Survivor 2018 the Naviti, Malolo and Yanuya tribes battled it out for safety and Ghost Island came back into play. Find out who was voted off Survivor last night!

With 14 players remaining, Malolo was the tribe that really had something to prove this week. They’ve lost challenge after challenge and have gone to Tribal Council all but one time this season. And now they’re hoping that by burning their tribe flag they’ll be burning some of the bad juju along with it.

First up this week we’ve got Michael searching for a hidden immunity idol. He knows he has no other hope at this point. It’s find an Idol or he’s gone. And all the searching pays off as he find his second immunity idol of the season.

Reward Challenge

The Survivor 2018 castaways will be playing for grilling supplies, including steak and chicken kebabs. First place wins both and second place gets just the chicken kebabs. Also, Jeff tells us that Ghost Island is back in play. The winning tribe will vote to send one person from either of the other two tribes to Ghost Island.

Naviti wins reward! There’s one more to go! And it goes to Yanuya! Malolo loses yet another challenge.

Naviti now has to decide who goes to Ghost Island and the choose Kellyn to go again so that they can keep the mystery up. They didn’t want someone new going and figuring out what Ghost Island is all about.

Ghost Island

Kellyn arrives on Ghost Island for the second time and she’s trying not to freak out again. She breaks the urn and gets a challenge. Once again she has the game of chance and once again she can play by giving up her vote at Tribal Council. And this time she decides to play the game. She makes her choice and she gets the steal a vote advantage.

Hidden Immunity Idol

Wendell finds a clue on the Yanuya island and then he soon finds the immunity necklace that Eric gave away to Natalie in Survivor 16, that resulted in him being voted out.

Immunity Challenge

For tonight’s Immunity Challenge, four players will start on a pontoon. The first player dives into the water, swims out to a ramp, goes up the ramp, dives back into the water, then swims out to retrieve three rings. They then swim back with the rings, and the second player repeats and so on. When all rings are retrieved, the players then throw the rings back into the water and all four players head to another platform to throw the rings onto a target. The first two tribes to get all six of their rings looped onto their targets win immunity.

Yanuya wins immunity! Malolo also wins immunity! The curse was broken! Naviti will go to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

The edit has us thinking it’s going to be Libby tonight, but Bradley is really getting under everyone’s skin, so it could be him. It doesn’t sounds like it will be Donathan. Let’s find out.

The votes: Libby, Bradley, Bradley, Bradley…  Blindside! Bradley is the seventh person voted off Survivor Ghost Island!

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