Survivor South Pacific: Apologies and Trust Issues Dominate The Tribes

Survivor South Pacific episode 4

Once again it’s all Brandon Hantz and fighting his demons on Survivor South Pacific but instead of uniting Upolu, it drives a further wedge between his tribe mates and his core alliance of five, sometimes six.  He cries constantly which may show his young age as he says he let his pride get to him.  He apologizes to Mikayla and then turns to Edna and apologizes for lying to her and tells her there alliance of six is really a group of five.  Basically he tells her she is indespenscible to the team.  Edna seems shocked and decides to work on social game which gets her no where among her group since she is completely annoying and talks way too much.

Over at Savaii, Jim, still sketchy and paranoid from marijuana withdrawal, makes a two person deal with Cochran to vote out Elyse since she and Ozzy are getting comfortable in the hammock.  This of course makes Cochran happy but he is wary of Jim and compares him with a used car salesman.  The two make their way to Redemption Island to watch the dual between Christine and Papa Bear.  Brandon and Edna go from Upolu and Brandon once again feels the need to apologize and this time to Christine and says he has turned over a new leaf.  Christine accepts his apology but claims buying what he says is another thing. She completely dominates the challenge and send Papa Bear home and returns to RI to await her next opponent.

At the reward/immunity challenge, two men and one woman will balance a pole behind their back while the rest of their tribe add weight to it.  Jim and Brandon both beat Rupert’s old record of 220 lbs and each of them drop their pole at 240.  You can see the pain in their eyes as they try their best to hold on.  It all comes down to the two women.  Dawn the forty year old for Savaii and Stacey for Upolu.  I thought Stacey would easily beat Dawn but drops her pole first.  Both ladies hold on at 140 lbs.  I’ve got to give props to Dawn.  She rocked!

Coach is giving a pep talk back at camp saying they will fight another day.  Edna is scrambling because she knows she is the weakest link on the team but Stacey realizes she is not a part of the core group and reminds Coach that Edna brings nothing to the table.  Stacey plants a seed of doubt to Brandon about Mikayla, Albert and Sophie and he freaks out to Coach who is getting pretty sick of him.  He comes down a little hard and tells him to stop worrying and feeding off what one person says.  Coach doesn’t want Brandon to mess up his game.

At tribal council, Jeff does a question/answer game asking different people what is the most annoying thing about another teammate.  Mikayla calls Brandon a good kid but says it’s always in the back of her mind who his Uncle is.  Brandon once again turns on the tears and says he wants to make God proud and put the Hantz name back into a positive light.  I think what Brandon needs to realize that as far as Survivor goes?  Russell’s name is not negative.  He’s a gamer and kicked ass two out of three games.  I want to shake the kid.  It’s Survivor dude!  Get it together and play for the million dollars.  It’s not about anything else!  I mean damn!

Instead of voting out the weakest member of the team which is clearly Edna, Upolu votes out Stacey and sends her to join her friend Christine at Redemption Island.

What did you think of the decision to vote out Stacey? And how do you feel lil Hantz is playing the game?


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