Survivor South Pacific Episode 2: Brandon Hantz and His Demons

On this episode of Survivor South Pacific we have Russell Hantz screaming at his tv while he watches his nephen Brandon totally ruin the Hantz name of being one of the best gamers in Survivor history, at least for Survivor Samoa.  I love how Brandon talks all the time of saving the Hantz name.  He doesn’t have a clue he is making it way worse. Let’s think about how Survivor is played.  You have two tribes who battle each other for the right to keep their tribe intact.  When one tribe loses, you vote out a teammate.  In the beginning, you want the best players around so you can come back the next week and win.  You don’t vote out the strongest players first.  Hence Semhar week one.  In this case, you have a guy who is scared to death of being tempted by a woman named Mikayla and instead of looking at his tribe as a whole and thinking about what is the best thing to win challenges, he wants to evict her because God forbid he might have a lustful thought. I am not a fan of him.  In fact, I pretty much think he’s an idiot.  I haven’t seen any actions of Mikayla where she has flirted and acted in any way inappropriately.  She works hard and rocks in the comps.  Get over yourself Brandon and figure out your demons and get rid of them.  Ok I had to get that off my chest.

I don’t know about the rest of you ladies but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Ozzy in his underwear climbing trees looking for the immunity idol.  I mean this guy is sooo nice to look at lol.  Not only did he take some pointers from Russell and start looking for the idol on his own but he actually found it without a clue.  His tribe seems totally behind him so hopefully he can hang onto it until the merge where he will for sure need it.

I was happy to see Cochran trying harder around camp.  Against his mother’s advice, he goes to town on a coconut using a machete and shares it with his tribe.  His mom only wanted him using the machete under supervision.  Hmmmm I don’t know if I would have shared that with the whole world but hey this is Cochran and he rocks!  He’s going to change into a cool mellow guy.  I don’t see that happening but you’ve got to love his passion for the game.  He even earned the respect of Ozzy.

At the immunity challenge, four members of each team work together to unravel four ribbons tied to a pole which will release a key.  They will then unlock four other members who will put together a large block puzzle and move the biggest piece to a platform.  Savaii was way behind but come back with a vengeance and win immunity.  Not only are they safe from the dreaded tribal council but they win some comfortable blankets and stuff which should help them sleep better.  Upolu looks on in envy.

Back at camp Brandon starts his crap about getting rid of Mikayla while Coach tries to explain how things actually work in the game but Brandon tries to pull Christine and Stacy to his side and tells them to vote her out.  No one is on board with voting her out because they all know she is needed at the moment.

At tribal Coach throws Christine and Stacy under the bus by telling Jeff he heard they were voting out Mikayla and lets it be known he is NOT down with that.  Mikayla seems shocked but doesn’t say anything to them until Jeff calls her out on it.  Brandon is feeling guilty and says it was his idea to vote her out while Coach just shakes his head like WTH are you thinking dude.  Christine opens her big mouth once again and tells Coach his stay only temporary which seals her fate as she is sent to redemption island to hang out with Semhar.  I think Christine is much tougher than little Semhar and should easily beat her in the dual next week.  So my guess is we haven’t seen the last of her.

How did you feel about little Hantz tonight?  Was his decision to vote out Mikayla the right move?


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