Survivor South Pacific: Episode 5 Recap

Survivor South Pacific episode 5

After a somewhat heartfelt apology from Brandon to Mikayla last week on Survivor South Pacific, the episode begins with him saying she has no class for not trusting him since he is a Hantz.  I thought he was embarrassed by the Hantz name and wanted to show it in a new light and perhaps he is with all the crying and whining he does about it in every episode.  With that one little clip at the beginning of the show, Brandon is surprisingly absent while some of the others on Upolu tribe get a little face time.

Over at Redemption Island, Albert and Mikayla watch from Upolu and Whitney and Dawn from Savaii.  Stacey, who knows she has no chance against her bff Christine proceeds to call out her tribe and let Savaii in on all their secrets.  She refuses to call Coach, Coach but insteads goes for his actual real name of Benjamin which hits a strong nerve when Albert relays this back at camp.  I know she called out Albert and Sophie as well but without the subtitles showing us what was actually said, I couldn’t understand a word of it.  For the actual duel, the girls will drop a ball into a twisting shoot and catch it when it comes down.  Every so often they add another ball making it a little harder to catch each time.  Stacey, with all her wisdom drops her balls in without even thinking of strategy or spacing them out but Christine does and once again to everyone’s chagrin she wins and remains alive to fight another day.  I can’t stand this chick and root against her every week but she’s fierce in the comps.  I’ve got to respect her a little for that.

Back at the camps, both tribes get to hear all about Stacey’s rant and Ozzy makes a comment that if Coach was smart he would get rid of Albert soon.  Paranoid Jim takes this and runs with it.  He realizes if Ozzy thinks Coach should get rid of one of the best competitors that Ozzy feels the same way.  He wants to break up the Ozzy and Elyse alliance and has Cochran still on board to do just that.  Cochran decides to help Ozzy fish and goes off in the boat.  Ozzy rocks and catching fish and brings back 11 for his tribe but then says he needs a nap.  Cochran, in his confessional says Ozzy has turned into a middle aged lazy ass lol.  You’ve got to love the nerd in the group speaking his mind.

Albert is searching for the clue and idol relentlessly and finds the clue which leads him to looking in the top of trees along the beach.  He enlists the help of Coach and Sophie and after saying a little prayer, Coach finds the HII.  He is pretty pleased with himself.  In fact, with the exception of having to hear about Stacey, Coach is in one of his better moods of the season.

In what is one of the most disgusting Immunity Challenges ever, the teams arrive to see two roasted pigs on a spit.  With their hands tied behind their backs they race to the pig and bite off as much as they can and spit it out in a basket.  After ten minutes, the teams with the most weight wins Immunity and a reward of veggies, bread and spices.  They are getting huge pieces of meat stuck in their teeth and the others have to bite it out and spit it in the basket for him.  It’s really gross.  Both teams are giving it their all.  In the end, Upolu wins by only two ounces and Jeff announces they also get to take their meat back with them to eat, spit and all.  Yuck!

Back at Savaii the plan to backdoor Elyse is underway.  Ozzy wants Cochran out and everyone is on board with that except Jim, Dawn and Cochran.  They need one more person and Jim has a serious talk with Keith who turns to Whitney.  In the end, Keith and Whitney both for Dawn knowing Elyse would have the three votes to evict and we have our first blindside of the season.  Ozzy is blown away and by the looks of the next episode, things will take a dramatic turn for the members of Savaii.  Awesome Tribal Council.  I love when the whole team doesn’t vote the same way.  Makes things much more fun for us at home.

What did you think of last night’s episode?  Did Savaii do the right thing in voting out Elyse?


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