Survivor South Pacific: Episode 6 Recap Ozzy’s Meltdown and Upolu Divided

Survivor South Pacific episode 6

What an awesome episode last night of Survivor South Pacific!  We start out with Savaii returning from their first blindside and an incredibly pissed off Ozzy acting like a spoiled child that his girlfriend Elyse got evicted.  That being said, you can’t blame him for being mad at Keith.  The guys made a final two deal and instead of giving a heads up like any smart player would have done in seasons past (pun intended here), he laid low, didn’t say crap and Ozzy comes out looking like an idiot.  However, Ozzy let it get the best of him and pouted like a child for a while  and let his tribe know he had the idol but he wisened up and apologized.  He’s played this game before so he knows he needs his people at the merge and they have got to have some trust and loyalty.  Besides that, he looks hot in his boxers swimming under the water and spearing fish lol.

At the Redemption Island dual, Christine once again is the victor.  She’s worn out.  She’s tired of being alone but puts her best foot forward and sends Elyse home.  I have to give her some props.  She rocks in these challenges.  Personally I would love to see her reenter the game just to get voted right back out lol.  Surely she knows from watching other reality shows including Survivor that her fate has already been decided and she has pretty much zero chance of making it to the finals.

The immunity/reward challenge was the best so far this season.  Team members had to assemble a wheelbarrow and two guys from each tribe drive it through an obstacle course and pick up two loads of coconuts that they empty into a trough.  Once both loads are emptied they turn the wheelbarrow into a large sling shot and use the coconuts to knock down five targest.  Upolu is off to an early lead and I thought for sure they were going to win again but much to the dismay of Coach, Mikayla does not have the strength to fire the coconuts into the target, not to mention she is only using one hand.  Coach tries more than once to get her to sit out and let Albert and himself continue alone but stubborness overtook her and she continues to try and pretty much loses it for her team.  Savaii wins immunity and enjoys a day away from camp at a rock water slide with cliff diving and a nice picnic. 

Upolu is completely divided.  Albert and Sophie think it is best to keep Mikayla because she is a strong competitor and evict Edna who does absolutely nothing and is sat out of the challenge once again while Coach wants Mikayla gone because she is uncontrollable.  At tribal we have Coach and Brandon against Albert and Sophie.  Brandon throws in a bunch of rambling about loyalty and keeping your word and even says to vote him out if they can’t play with loyalty.  He calls Albert out on what he said about keeping Edna over Mikayla.  Rick, who we haven’t seen much of this season is the deciding vote between the two group and in the end sides with Coach and votes out Mikayla.  I love Coach and want to see him succeed in the game but this was not a smart move.  We’ll have to see if Upolu can continue to win immunity as they vote out their strongest players week after week. 

What did you think of the decision to send Mikayla to Redemption Island?


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