Survivor South Pacific Finale Results

Survivor 2011 cast

It’s time to find out who won Survivor South Pacific. The season wraps up tonight and I’ll be posting the results live right here as the show airs.

Before we get to the final vote count for the million dollar prize there’s still more Redemption Island, immunity challenges, and tribal councils to get through. Settle in or jump ahead and read our Survivor spoilers to see who makes it to the end.

Update: 60 Minutes is running late due to football earlier, but I’ll update as soon as things get rolling. CBS says that will be at approximately 8:35PM.

Update 2: Survivor South Pacific has started up. I’ll post results live.

The finale Redemption Island duel pitted Ozzy against Brandon. Both castaways had to hold on to a pole where the last man standing (or holding) would win the battle. While Ozzy shifted around a lot Brandon finally lost out when gravity took over. Ozzy earned his return to the game.

Immunity was up for grabs when Ozzy, Coach, Albert, Sophie, and Rick entered the next challenge. Castaways had to build a house of cards of sorts using small wooden tiles. Sophie is making great progress until she runs out of tiles and has to backtrack. Ozzy faces the same challenge next and has to undo his work. There’s an entertaining exchange between Sophie and Albert where she tells him to quit trying and come pick up her dropped tiles (Jeff won’t let him). In the end, just as the spoilers told us, Ozzy won immunity.

Tribal Council was heated, just as you’d expect. Coach had his immunity idol and Ozzy had his immunity necklace. Neither of them were going anywhere. When the votes were revealed it was close, but no surprise. By a vote of 3-2, Rick was the next Upolu member voted out while Sophie barely survived.

The second immunity challenge was a doozy. An obstacle course of climbing nets, swinging over bridges, and tunneling lead the remaining castaways to a puzzle. Ozzy started off with a massive lead but it quickly dissolved as the last player to the puzzle, Sophie, pulled out an incredible upset. Sophie won immunity. Looks like the end of the road for Ozzy.

At the next Tribal Council Ozzy again suggested to Coach that he split the votes and force a duel between Albert and Ozzy where the first to make fire would move on. Coach didn’t take the bait. Ozzy was voted out to become the last jury member of Survivor South Pacific.

The final Tribal Council of the night featured Coach, Albert, and Sophie as they attempted to pursuade the nine jury members. There’s no easy way to sum up all the comments, but Ozzy does a good job when he tells the Final 3 that no one on the jury wants to vote for any of them.

The jury goes to vote and during that phase we learn Cochran votes for Coach and praises his efforts. Dawn throws her support to Sophie. No early-reveal votes for Albert. Let’s see what Jeff reveals during the live portion of the show.

Survivor South Pacific - Sophie Clark wins

Jeff congratulates Albert, Coach, and Sophie on making it to the end. The votes are revealed one by one and we quickly learn that this is a race between Sophie and Coach as no votes for Albert are pulled from the bucket. But there can be only one and this season it’s Sophie. She defeats Coach in the end and becomes the winner of Survivor South Pacific. Congratulations to Sophie Clarke on her big win.

The fun didn’t end there though. Later during the Reunion portion of the show Jeff Probst revealed that Ozzy won the Viewer’s Choice award and the $100,000 prize. Cochran came in second place and it wasn’t even close as this was the widest margin in Survivor history. Congratulations to Ozzy on his consolation prize.

Survivor South Pacific - Ozzy wins $100K

In closing, Jeff Probst reveals next season will be called Survivor One World just as we reported a few months back. I’ll have more details and video posted on Monday.


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