Survivor South Pacific Episode 3: More of the same from Lil Hantz

Survivor South Pacific Brandon Hantz

Last night on Survivor South Pacific we get more of rantings and craziness from Brandon Hantz, our first Redemption Island dual and a pretty awesome Immunity Challenge.  Christine wakes up Semhar and doesn’t seem to understand why Coach wanted her gone so badly.  (Maybe because you couldn’t keep your thoughts to yourself and had to run that trap on more than one occassion.)  Coach and Stacy from Upolu with Ozzy and Elise from Savaii head to RI to watch their former tribe members battle it out for a chance to stay in the game.  Semhar in her odd fashion has to quote some spoken word in order to prepare for the competition against Christine.  In the challenge straight from Russell Hantz’s play book the two ladies put a totem on top of a pole and must balance it as they add sections to the pole to make it longer.  To no ones surprise and Coach’s disgusted look, Christine easily beats Semhar and is returned to RI to await the next evicted player.

Back at Upolu Brandon is once again wrestling with demons and says God is chastising him for lying.  He decides to come clean with his tribe and let them all know he is actually Russell’s nephew, a decision that leaves Coach shaking his head in bewildered wonder.  Brandon says he had a relapse of what his Uncle used to do.  IMO, Brandon needs to quit running from who he is and accept that he’s a Hantz and learn to live with it.

Over at Savaii, Ozzy, in Russell like fashion, can’t keep his idol a secret any longer and must tell someone.  He reveals this to Keith in hopes that Keith will see the trust Ozzy has for him.  This play seems to backfire when Keith runs to Whitney and tells her but makes her promise not to tell anyone else.  Keith and Whitney do not like the fact that Ozzy now has all the power.

The fun begins over at Upolu when Mikayla confronts Brandon and asks why he doesn’t like her.  Brandon, who is becoming dangerously close to being the biggest moron to ever play the game, has an outburst and brings in the entire tribe and asks what they all think of Mikayla.  He tells everyone to keep him out of the drama.  Ummmm hello Brandon??  Knock Knock.  Is anyone home?  YOU are the cause of the drama.  Geez with this guy.  Coach is once again shaking his head like WTH!  LOL

The immunity/reward challenge rocks this week.  One person races across a floating bridge carrying a body board attached to a long rope which the tribe feeds him as he runs.  Once they get to a platform, they grab a bag and jump in the water while the rest of the tribe cranks a giant wench and pulls him back to shore.  Once all five bags are back to shore, two remaining players must snag the bags with grappling hooks and bring up the bags which are puzzle banners.  Ozzy and Brandon race first and Brandon easily wins as the Savaii tribe did not feed Ozzy enough rope to make it across the bridge.  The teams are neck in neck but Coach proves why he is awesome when he grabs the five bags and with the help from his team gets the puzzle put together first.  Upolu wins Immunity and a nice reward of coffee, tea, milk, cookies etc.

Back at Savaii the plan is to get out Papa Bear but they lie and tell him they are voting out Cochran.  He realizes he is going home so searches for the individual immunity idol not knowing that Ozzy has already claimed it.  He makes a fake idol in hopes of fooling everyone into keeping him.  At tribal council Jeff picks on the nerdy Cochran who says he is trying to prove himself at camp and in challenges.  Papa Bear pops in saying that physically Cochran is a threat to himself.  He also says the five are in control and Dawn and Cochran will be the next two out.  In the end, Papa Bear is sent to RI to battle it out with Christine.  I hope Papa Bear can prove himself worthy and beat Christine in the next dual.

How did you feel about Brandon’s outburst and Papa Bear getting sent to join Christine on Redemption Island?


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