Survivor South Pacific Episode 1: The Return of Coach and Ozzy

Survivor 2011 South Pacific Semhar

The premiere episode of Survivor South Pacific brings back to former all star players, Coach and Ozzy.  I am so sick of bringing back former players on every reality show and with Survivor it’s every season now.  With that being said the show starts with a ten minute debut of our two veterans and we find out they’re playing for redemption and Coach wants to show you can win the game with integrity. Hmmmmm.  I was a little worried for Coach because his team was not impressed and obviously didn’t want him but I thought once he threw on that Coach charm and kind of took charge in building the shelter and setting up camp that he won the favor of his tribe and that was cool.  Ozzy is well..Ozzy lol.  His tribe, Savaii, was happy to have him.  He easily beat Coach in the first challenge for flint and is a great competitor and manipulator.  We’ll have to see how this plays out with them.

I absolutely LOVED John Cochran the superfan.  What a nerdy Harvard geek.  He’s adorable.  I laughed so hard when he said his skin was translucent and didn’t want to get in the ocean in his underwear.  Bless his heart. I just want to squeeze him and tell him what to do to win this game lol.

Least favorite first impression ever goes to Christine.  I was calling her not so nice names that I can’t write on here throughout the entire game.  I would have liked to see them lose just so she could have been the first one out.  She’s almost forcing me to pull for Coach because she’s such a you know what.  I didn’t like her running her mouth saying the two vets were only their temporarily and then blatently looking for the idol while everyone else was working.  She is coming off as a terrible version of Russell Hantz.  Speaking of Russell, did anyone know his nephew was on this season?  I mean how many times are we going to have to hear about him changing the Hantz name and not being judged by his Uncle so he’s keeping who he is a big secret.  I can’t take it and I hope the previews for next week are real and Coach finds out about it so we can move on.

The immunity challenge was your basic Survivor obstacle course that ends with three members of the team shooting coconuts in a basket.  For Savaii we have Semhar who volunteers for this and says she’ll be great at it.  We find out after two throws that she doesn’t have the strength and can’t do it.  But for Upolu, Mickayla totally comes through and wins it for her team.  Semhar and John become the targets at tribal council for being the weakest two and John about killed me when he asked if he had to be judged on only the six days he has been in the game and Keith (who is so cute btw) was like Yeah you do.  That’s all we have to base this on.  Ozzy wants to keep Semhar for reasons other than playing the game and was vetoed by the rest of the tribe because thank goodness John is safe and Semhar is sent crying to Redemption Island and will not be seen again because I don’t see her ever beating anyone in a duel.

So that’s my standouts of the night for Survivor 2011 South Pacific. What did you think?  Who caught your attention in this first episode?


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