Who Is Left: Survivor 2018 Ghost Island Week 03

Last week on Survivor 2018, we saw a tribe switch, so this week’s list is going to look a little differently. We also saw Morgan get blindsided, so she’s going to get the ole strike-thru along with Jacob and Gonzalez.

Let’s take a closer look at who is still in the running to win Survivor Ghost Island.

Survivor 2018 Cast: Naviti Tribe (Purple)

Domenick Abbate: Domenick should be sitting pretty for a little while at least. With two idols up his sleeve now, if he catches any kind of wind of being at risk of getting voted out, he should be good to go. And since he and Chris are still on the same tribe, he might be targeted sooner rather than later.

Wendell Holland: Wendell is playing a good game. He’s helping with challenges and he’s not making any waves. He should be good until merge, but then he could end up seeming like a threat.

Donathan Hurley: Donathan went from a target to one of the more highly regarded of his tribe. And he’s really played a big role in how well his tribe has done in challenges. Now if the others could do as well they could stop losing challenges.

Laurel Johnson: Laurel seems to be pretty keyed in with what’s going on. And right now she isn’t any kind of threat. So watch out for her.

James Lim: James redeemed himself this past week, after completely flopping week one. He seems to be in a much better position now.

Chris Noble: Chris is not safe. Not with Domenick having as much power as he has. Unless Chris gets with Domenick to squash their beef, Chris could be in trouble really soon.

Angela Perkins: Angela was almost voted off last week, so she’s going to have to work hard to get things to go more her way.

Libby Vincek: Libby’s sweet demeanor didn’t help her from being mentioned as a target last week, so she not go as far as I first thought.

Survivor 2018 Cast: Malolo Tribe (Orange)

Desiree Afuye: I think Desiree is one of the more powerful women, so she should be considered an asset for awhile.

Kellyn Bechtold: Kellyn is smart and I could see her getting really deep into the game if things line up that way.

Jenna Bowman: Who? Still not sure who she is. That might be a good thing for her.

Stephanie Johnson: Stephanie, the super fan, is really playing the game. And that could come back to bite her. Things actually seem to be souring for her based on this week’s preview.

Bradley Kleihege: As I mentioned last week, Bradley is in a good spot. He’s one of the guys who isn’t displaying any signs of a threat yet.

Sebastian Noel: Sebastian was separated from Chris in the tribe swap, so that was probably the best thing for him. He should be able to benefit not being associated with Chris.

Brendan Shapiro: Brendan is still one of the strongest guys, so as soon as he’s not needed to win challenges, he’s going to be sacrificed. We all know how it goes.

Chelsea Townsend: Chelsea seems pretty solid right now. I think we can expect her to stick out a bit.

Michael Yerger: Michael has an immunity idol now, but I could see him misplaying it. I’m not sure him having the idol will keep him safe. Maybe he’ll use it on someone else. Just a feeling I have.

Voted off:

Morgan Ricke Voted off Week 2

Stephanie Gonzalez  Voted off Week 1

Jacob Derwin Voted off Week 1

Who do you think is going to do well this season? Who do you expect to go home next time on Survivor 2018?


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