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Survivor 2015: Episode 13 Gallery: Tribal Troubles

Last night on Survivor we were treated to what might have been the best Tribal Council yet of the season thanks to castaways and their powers colliding.

Sierra Thomas commands the waves on Survivor 2015

Sierra Thomas commands the waves on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

Mike Holloway pulled off another fantastic win at the Immunity Challenge that forced another inner-alliance scramble to find a new target. Would it be Carolyn or Dan? Mike did his best to play both sides and was very successful.

Causing another panic and paranoia amid the group of five, Dan played his extra vote while Carolyn played her Immunity Idol. She nailed the timing and saw the five votes against her vanish and Dan saw his torch snuffed out. Say farewell to the loud mouth. Finally.

The Survivor 2015 finale arrives next Wednesday and we’ve still got five castaways left in the race. Things are going to get wild and fun as we head to the big reveal of who will win Survivor Worlds Apart!

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Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart: Dan Foley ‘Day After’ Interview

Dan Foley was voted out of Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart so now comes the moment you’ve all been waiting for — His long-winded elimination interview! And boy is it long-winded.


“I wanted to prove that heroes can win this game,” he starts off about his time in Survivor. “You don’t always have to be a villain. it didn’t work out how I wanted to, but given the circumstances, and the people that we had, I feel good about how I played the came. My dignity, my integrity, I feel are still in tact.”

Dan talks about how he has been forcing himself on Survivor producers since Season 2. He’s sent in over 100 applications and traveled the country going to casting calls. His efforts finally paid of this season, and even though he didn’t win the season, he has no regrets.

“I still feel I made the right decisions for myself,” Dan says. “It’s still very tough to swallow, but I’d eat it again in a second. This experience has been everything I could have hoped for.”

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Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Last Night? 5/13/2015

Another Survivor castaway was voted off last night and sent to Ponderosa while the rest moved closer to next week’s Survivor 2015 finale. It was time to watch a desperate Mike scramble for safe passage.

Jeff Probst at Survivor 2015 Tribal Council

Jeff Probst at Survivor 2015 Tribal Council – Source: CBS

Merica headed back to camp last night following Tyler’s elimination but considering even Carolyn, his closest ally, was in on the job I don’t think anyone’s going to be too upset. Tyler was a strong player and rightfully feared of reaching the end.

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Reward Challenge:
Two teams of three with Mike, Carolyn, and Will on Red while Rodney, Dan, and Sierra play for Blue. Teams must cross an obstacle course and build a word puzzle to head off for some refueling ahead of the next Immunity Challenge.

The winning tribe gets a helicopter tour that ends with a surf ‘n turf and wine meal. Jeff rubs it in that Rodney still hasn’t won a Reward and asks why Rodney feels so entitled for a reward when he keeps losing.

Things get pitiful when it’s been an hour and no one can figure out the word puzzle. Jeff is giving them lots of clues, but it’s not helping. Probst says this is officially the longest puzzle challenge. He gives more prompts when suddenly… Red has it and they win Reward!

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Survivor 2015: Worlds Apart Immunity Challenge – Week 12 [PICS]

Immunity is back up for grabs tonight on Survivor 2015 as the final six castaways battle it out in a familiar challenge for the chance at safety during the next Tribal Council.

Survivor 2015's Sierra Thomas competes for Immunity

Survivor 2015’s Sierra Thomas competes for Immunity – Source: CBS/YouTube

Which castaway has the skill for a calm mind and steady hands? We’ll soon find out when the players have to grapple hook three bags to find the balls used in the balancing labyrinth.

Do you think Mike Holloway is done if he doesn’t pull off the win here? He’d need to convince three other castaways if votes don’t split in more than two directions. Yikes.

Check out the pics below plus the video and then join us back here Wednesday night for Survivor 2015 as we live blog the new episode.

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Tonight On Survivor 2015 Episode 13 ‘My Word Is My Bond’

Tonight on Survivor 2015 the last six castaways battle it out in the final two weeks of the Worlds Apart season as we prepare for the next Sole Survivor.

Survivor 2015 castaways Mike & Sierra

Survivor 2015 castaways Mike & Sierra – Source: CBS

Tyler is off to Ponderosa and Mike might not be far behind if he can’t pull of an Immunity win or convince the ladies that the other guys are more dangerous. This won’t be an easy week for Mike to outlast.

The challenges look fun with the Reward comp working them in teams again which seems unnecessary. Then the Immunity round relies on balance and fast paced skills, but what else would you expect at this point?

We’ll be back here at 8/7c with our live coverage as we wait to find out who was voted off Survivor tonight. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email for even more Survivor fun.

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