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Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart: Power Rankings Week 8

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart ended last week with the blindside of Hali, thus weakening the former No-Collar Tribe even more. But when I say weaken, I mean only in numbers because Joe and Jenn are actually pretty strong competitors.

Mike Holloway with the Hidden Immunity Idol

So this week, we’re going to do the Power Rankings a little differently. I’m just going to rank them based on their performance last week because frankly, I’m tired of putting Joe at the bottom of the list just because he’s the biggest target. So let’s get to this refreshed Power Rankings list.

1. Mike. I’m placing Mike first only because he won’t be going anywhere. Not only has be been calling the shots (even if the shots he’s calling have been stupid), and he found the hidden immunity idol out from under Joe’s nose. So that not only means he’s safe if he plays it, but he outplayed Joe. There could be a Mike blindside afoot, though, you never know.

2. Joe. OK, finally Joe is getting the spot he deserves once again. Joe is winning everything. Back-to-back individual immunities and the reward challenge, where he found the idol clue. Of course he drops to the number 2 spot only because he did not get to find the idol before Mike. So now that I’ve praised Joe, I will say that if he doesn’t win immunity again, he’s probably going home.

3. Sierra. It was starting to look like Sierra was going to finally shift away from the former tribe she actually hates, but that would have just put her at the bottom of the No-Collar alliance. So she made the move that was best for her last week and that has secured her spot in the game a bit longer.

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Survivor 2015: Idol Fever & Another Blindside – Episode 8 Gallery

Another Survivor blindside last night on Worlds Apart, but was anyone other than Hali Ford really surprised by the Tribal Council vote? At least she gave a good jaw-drop moment as Jeff revealed the votes.

Dan Foley celebrates too soon on Survivor 2015

Dan Foley celebrates too soon on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS

Quite a bit of action this week on Survivor with the camp reeling from Jenn Brown’s well played Immunity Idol and plotting their next move to get Joe Anglim voted out. Easier said than done as Joe went on to win both Reward and Immunity Challenge. Gotta love how Dan Foley repeatedly announced his win only to have Jeff Probst shut him down.

Idol Fever hit the beach as Joe used his clue from the reward lunch to search for safety, but it was Mike Holloway who came away with the big prize and a little extra security down the road.

When it came time for Tribal Council the ladies rallied to target Dan for being a schmuck, but he was too well insulated by his Blue Collars and tagalong White Collars for the plan to work. Instead we lost our bikini clad castaway in Hali Ford. Sigh.

Scroll through the gallery of pics from last night’s Survivor Worlds Apart for a look back at this week’s episode.

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Survivor After Show Reviews Week 7 Of Survivor 2015

Survivor After Show reviews Survivor Worlds Apart

Survivor After Show reviews Survivor Worlds Apart – Source: YouTube

StreamTV caught up again to run through this week’s Survivor 2015 where Joe Anglim scored a third straight Immunity win and set off a hunt for the Hidden Idol. Watch as Survivor castaway Jerri Manthey and Survivor super fans Justin Walter and Ryan Allen Carrillo break down this week’s “Keep It Real” Survivor Worlds Apart.


Survivor 2015: Hali Ford’s ‘Day After’ Interview


This week Survivor 2015 gave us another blindside as Hali Ford became the first member of the Survivor Worlds Apart jury.

After the shock wore off and she cleaned herself up, she sat down for her exit interview and revealed that she’s not happy with how she played Survivor.

“I don’t like the way that I played this game,” Hali admits. “The way that I played this game was very different than the way I planned to play this game. I showed up planning to play a purely mental game … a very strategic, cold, calculated game. And instead I showed up in the No Collar Tribe and realized really quick that it was purely a social game. I quickly switched my game up to be purely social. But I didn’t adjust in time for the merge and I didn’t switch gears to realize I had to incorporate other aspects of the game into my game.”

So she might not have learned how to play Survivor, exactly, but the experience was valuable, she promises.

“I learned a lot about interacting with people and appreciating basic human qualities,” she says. “You’re in this really raw place with people … it was a social experiment.”

She also says she’d definitely play again if asked and that she would play very differently. But she’s not being too hard on herself for her shortcomings this time around.

“I don’t have any regrets,” she says with confidence.

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Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Last Night? 4/8/2015

The new Survivor 2015 tribe had merged, but there were still plenty of growing pains last night. Last week’s blindside thanks to Jenn Brown’s Hidden Idol put the remaining castaways in a frenzy as they were desperate to nab that same Survivor power for their own safety.

Jeff Probst at Survivor 2015 Tribal Council

Jeff Probst at Survivor 2015 Tribal Council – Source: CBS

Kelly Remington was voted off Survivor last week leaving the Blue Collar tribe down a number and the rest of their supporters wondering if they made the right choice. Could be time for Carolyn Rivera and Tyler Fredrickson to make their own shift this week on Worlds Apart.

Meanwhile back on the Blues we’re looking forward to Rodney Lavoie seeking revenge against Mike Holloway who he faults for their recent failings. Considering Mike threw that comp, which only Kelly seems to know, that’s a semi fair assessment. I’m just wondering if Rodney’s best option was to team up with Will Sims for make this move.

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Reward Challenge – “Anchorman”
No Ron Burgundy on this Survivor competition, but luxuries are the prize and all the castaways could use some of that in this week’s Reward challenge. Players will race across a balancing beam and collect bags of puzzle pieces along the way. First three to finish move on to the second and last round where they’ll have to build an anchor from the parts.

They’re playing for a pizza party which sounds awesome and I’m not even living on a beach. Things don’t look easy though as Dan and Shirin immediately start falling all over the place and have to start over.

Joe Anglim and Mike Holloway are leading this where just the first three get to continue on. Yep, both guys plus Hali Ford are competing in the second and final round.

Hali is making good progress, but the same can’t be said for Mike who earns a jab from Jeff. Joe is just ahead of Hali while Mike continues to struggle… wait, wait, it’s getting close and… Joe wins Reward!

Joe gets to pick a few players to go with him. Will, Tyler, and Carolyn are along for the ride with one last spot that goes to Shirin who freaks out. They leave behind some very unhappy faces on Dan and Rodney who both feel snubbed.

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