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Survivor 2015: Max Dawson ‘Day After’ Interview

Max Dawson was voted off Survivor 2015 this week as part of the double episode night, but his elimination did not stop him from thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to experience he had studied for so many years.

Max Dawson on Survivor 2015

Max Dawson on Survivor 2015 – Source: CBS/YouTube

Max says he got the full experience of Survivor with the good and the bad and that’s the way he wanted it. And while he spent years studying the game, nothing he did began to prepare him for the challenge he met out on the beach.

The social aspects were far more difficult than the physical suffering, says Max. He would rank handling Carolyn higher on the difficulty scale than dealing with severe dehydration.

Overall, he may have been booted after just fourteen days at camp, but he left satisfied despite missing out on some of the great aspects still ahead in this season of Survivor.

Max Dawson “Day After” elimination interview:


Survivor 2015: Episodes 4 & 5 Recap In Pictures

Now that was a LOT of Survivor 2015 last night when we had a double feature with two hours of challenges and eliminations that left us with two less castaways and one less tribe on Worlds Apart.

Survivor 2015: Double Feature night

Survivor 2015: Double Feature night – Source: CBS

Starting off with Blue Collar’s first loss of the Survivor season things fell apart for the tribe that squandered a strong lead early and just never recovered. After setting things up to look like a sure thing for eliminating the macho, macho man Rodney Lavoie we got a head fake sending Lindsey Cascaddan out in to the dark woods with her fire snuffed.

Along the way in the first episode we saw Kelly Remington take a nasty hit to the head after tribemate Dan Foley dropped a platform too quickly and it swung in to her head. Ouch. Huge kudos to Kelly on staying in the comp and moving on like nothing had happen. Remember that unnamed castaway who quit over a speck of sand in his eye? Yeah.

Jenn Brown’s aversion to fried chicken ended up netting her a Hidden Immunity Idol and she was sitting pretty and confidently later in the night for round two.

Before the challenges could kick off in the second episode the original tribes were disbanded and new ones formed with Red and Blue Buffs.

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Survivor 2015: Lindsey Cascaddan ‘Day After’ Interview

Lindsey Cascaddan says she wasn’t surprised to be the first person voted off the Blue Collar tribe, but she remains very positive about her experience on Survivor 2015 and what she’ll take back to her real life.

Lindsey Cascaddan 'Day After' interview

Lindsey Cascaddan ‘Day After’ interview – Source: CBS/YouTube

It took four rounds before we saw a Blue Collar tribe member eliminated which is an impressive run, but unfortunately for Lindsey she fell just short of surviving her tribe’s existence to the shuffle that came right after her departure. With just Sierra by her side when it came time to vote the numbers were too much to overcome and was sent home last night in the tie-breaker vote.

Lindsey says her confidence was her downfall when she started to feel too safe. While that confidence helps her life back home it was a stance she shouldn’t have been so quick to bring with her to the Survivor beaches.

Cascaddan is pleased with her game because she came in to Survivor 2015 with a plan and ditched it to just be herself. She says that when the stress of the game hits you it dissolves those facades and leaves everyone with just how they really are. Unfortunately for Lindsey that put her at odds with Rodney Lavoie who remains in the game.

Watch Lindsay Cascaddan’s “Day After” interview to hear what else she had to say.


Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Last Night? 3/18/2015

A pair of castaways were voted off Survivor last night when we got a double feature of back to back Tribal Councils and a brand new set of tribes for “Worlds Apart.”

Survivor 2015 castaway Lindsay Cascaddan

Survivor 2015 castaway Lindsay Cascaddan – Source: CBS

Picking up the Survivor 2015 pace it was a full two hours of episodes with a ton of challenges after weeks of single competitions. No Collar would have to pull out all the stops if they wanted to avoid a third straight loss but with their recent poor performances I wasn’t going to be shocked if it happened again.

Whoever went home first on Survivor would miss the Tribe Shuffle that eliminates the third tribe and made two new ones in its place. Should be interesting to see who is the first to turn on a former ally, but enough waiting, let’s find out right now as we live blog this week’s show here.

Reward Challenge:

Wasting no time we’re flying right in to the first Reward Challenge of the night and it’s the blindfold competition. Watch out below! The tribes are running four players in each with one person up in the lookout tower while two roam the field blindfolded. Each pair must find 3 items, lift them up, and then bring back the tribe flag.

No Collar takes an early lead as we see the fourth player who pulls the lift get knocked in the head on each tribe. Jeff warns Will to watch out and we get another warning when Blue gets reckless with their platform. I think CBS is trying to show themselves as proactive in trying to protect the players ahead of what’s about to happen.

Maintaining a huge lead, No Collar is down to their last item when disaster strikes. Blue has been getting careless and letting the platform drop instead of slowly lowering it. When Dan lets go of his rope the wood platform socks her hard in the forehead. She’s bleeding but doesn’t seem to realize how bad it is.

Medic comes over to examine her. She’s fine, says the medic. He cleans up Kelly’s wound and she is right back in the game. Impressive! The challenge is back on and ready to see who can win the chickens.

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Survivor 2015 Sneak Peek: Immunity Challenge Week 4

Immunity is back up for grabs on Survivor 2015 tonight when the remaining castaways and three tribes enter the playing field looking to avoid Tribal Council and elimination.

Survivor 2015 Immunity Idol

Survivor 2015 Immunity Idol – Source: CBS

“Houses of Holey” is the first Immunity challenge this week on Survivor Worlds Apart when the tribes will run four players across a course tethered to a common rope. Then they’ll make a staircase and climb over a wall before navigating three balls up a holey board and depositing them at the top.

Over on White Collar we’ll see Shirin sit out while Blue Collar sits out Dan and Lindsey. Everyone on No Collar is required to compete since they’ve lost the most castaways so far.

Check out the challenge sneak peek pics below and watch Survivor’s behind-the-scenes video for a more in-depth look at the competition ahead of us tonight.

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