Survivor 2022 Recap: Season 43 Premiere – LIVIN

The Survivor 43 premiere is finally here and tonight we will kick off the season with a two-hour episode of Survivor 2022! We have met the 18 castaways from the Baka, Coco, and Vesi tribes and now it’s time to watch them put themselves to the test as they battle for their chance at $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor! Make sure you refresh this page often for all the details as tonight’s episode of Survivor airs on the east coast!

The first hour of tonight’s show will kick off with the castaways meeting for the first time. Jeff is then going to kick things off with the first Reward Challenge of the season! The reward challenge will award the winning tribe their starting supplies for their camp. The two losing tribes will then have to go back to camp and complete a physical or mental task to earn theirs.

Keep refreshing this page for all your Reward and Immunity Challenge results and Tribal Council votes throughout the night.

Reward Challenge Results:

The first reward challenge of the season will start with two castaways from each tribe running into the jungle to retrieve two heavy wooden crates. Once they are both returned to the beach, the next two castaways will then jump into the water and swim to a boat. Once they both arrive at the boat, they can unclip the boat and then drag it back to shore. They will have to unload the crates and then use the crates to build a cube and use a pole to retrieve their flint. The first tribe to get it will get a pot, flint, and machete. The other two teams will then have to perform a task back at camp to try and earn their supplies.

The winning tribe for this challenge is: Vesi

Both Baka and Coco earned their supplies back at camp. Coco went with the sweat challenge that had them digging for their supplies. Ryan had the idea to dig in an X to cover more ground which allowed them to find their supplies in about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Baka chose to do the savvy challenge which gave them the number 5080 in bones and they could only move two bones to make the largest whole number possible. Sami came up with the idea of taking the top and bottom bones of one of the zeros to make the zero into three ones making the answer 51181.

First Trip to the Island:

A boat arrived at each of the camps and one person from each tribe had to get on the boat. Dwight from Vesi, Gabler from Baka, and Karla from Coco all got on their boats. When they arrived at an island, they were met with a choice that could either risk their vote or protect their vote.

The choice was to risk or not risk their vote and the ones who risked their vote would draw from a bag. Inside the bag is one chance at an advantage. Karla decided not to risk her vote, but Gabler and Dwight did. They draw their scrolls and all three head back to their camps. Karla will keep her vote but Dwight and Gabler won’t know if they have an advantage or lost their vote until they get back to camp and read their scrolls.

When they get back to their camps, we find out that Gabler won the advantage that is an Idol that will keep him safe for the first two Tribal Councils.

Immunity Challenge Results:

Tonight’s Immunity Challenge is an obstacle course where all six castaways will have to work together to make it through various tasks. The first two tribes to finish will have immunity for tonight’s Tribal Council. The losing tribe will then have to head to Tribal Council and vote one of their own out.

The winning tribes for this challenge are: Coco and Vesi

Tribal Council Results:

Here is how the votes landed:

  • Morriah – Gabler
  • Owen – Morriah
  • Morriah – Owen
  • Morriah – Elie
  • Morriah – Jeanine
  • Morriah – Sami

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